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  • Basically everyone's reaction seeing Lancer's Unit-01 appear in broad daylight. Made all the more shock-worthy when Rider and Waver combine their mechs to make Gurren Lagann and start an honest to god giant robot battle.
    • Then, the cover-up: they were filming a movie.
  • In the sequel, the Omake Caster, Abridged!Popo, summons the grail and then drinks it.
    Mr. Popo: "Hm, that was a bit refreshing. I better go find the other useless maggots and teach them the pecking order."
    Souichirou: "W-who are these 'other's?" (Caster looks directly at him) T-those eyes!
    Mr. Popo: "I can tell you what they are not! Safe…"
  • Everthing from the Fuyuki City's Fourth Annual Seihai Grand Prix in Carnival Frenzy. Especially when Kayneth becomes the Butt-Monkey of this fanfic.
    Archer/Vash: Kayneth just died!
    Berserker/Grimmjow: Who the fuck cares?!
    • Also, the part when the annoyed Caster used his Sharingan on Ryuunosuke, which caused his personality to shift as "Jay", making Caster as his "Silent Bob".
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    • When Kirei ate the Red Mushroom.
    • Not to mention some of the more nutsier vessels, from Team Rider's Viking ship on wheels to Team Berserker's... worm Hollow, Bawabawa.
    Unit Hollow: Bawa!
    Kariya: Sakura's salvation is another fucking worm. Great...
  • Second Chapter of Carnival Frenzy, Fate Zero Sense Meets The Hangover.
  • In the sequel, Avenger is savvy enough to know the identities of the other servants. When he watches the movie Neo...
    • When he sees the 5th war's Rider...
    Avenger: Simon the Digger... "FUCK!"
    • When he looks at how the battle between Rider and Lancer had escalated...
    Avenger: " Zeruel is here? What the fuck?" Avenger thought to himself with wide and surprised eyes as he looked outside of the window to see the massive Angel towering over Fuyuki City. "And it's the Rebuild version too. Which means that it belongs to…" "Shit."
  • Carnival Frenzy Chapter 3, guest written by Sir Godot, has some good ones:
  • The Christmas Chapter Special of Carnival Frenzy
    • Maiya and Caster/Erza Scarlet battles against each other for the last strawberry cake within the cake shop.
    • Assassin/Black Star beating up the Mall Santa.
    • Avenger/EMIYA tries to kill Lancer from the 4th Grail War, but missed and his sword went to Kayneth instead:
    Avenger: GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! *throws his bow to the ground*
    Shopper: Oh my God! This strange blond foreigner just got his head cut off!
    Avenger: NOBODY FUCKING CARES! *sits on a bench and sulks*
    • Waver Velvet and Rider/Simon vs Illyasviel and Berserker/Casshern. Fighting over for the last copy of Halo 4.
      • Especially how Ilya activates Berserker's Mad Enhancement that caused him to go all Super Sentai.
      Berserker: Eat JUSTICE villain!
    • Kirei's Special Sermon, with Deadpool as part of the Choir, much to the other choir members' annoyance.
      • Also, Kirei and Deadpool singing a parody song of Oogie Boogie's Song, known as The Trolling Song, with special guest, Zelretch and Hazama.
  • Black*Star's reaction when Saber starts firing Excalibur.
    "…No fucking way." Assassin muttered bluntly as his face shifted into an expression of horror.
    • Then, when it's confirmed it's Excalibur...
    "You really are a hero if you can deal with him."
  • The fifth chapter of Carnival Frenzy:
    • Rider vs. Berserker... competing each other in air hockey.
    • The parody of Persona 4: The Animation's King's Game.
      Drunk Shirou: I'm the king.
      • With Guest Star that appeared in that chapter's omake: Gilgamesh.
  • Everything in the Fifth Seihai Grand Prix
    • Shinji getting negative responses from Deadpool and the male audience for his choice of vehicle: the Blue Prius
      Shinji: It's fuel efficient!
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    • Friendier got really disturbed of Berserker's new Super Sentai personality.
    • The winner of this Grand Prix: Deadpool/Wade Wilson. His wish: All the chimichangas he can eat.
      • However, there's an alternative wish he made: taking Shirou's place as the protagonist, which he starts to regret after facing multiple Bad Ends.
  • Chapter Seven of Carnival Frenzy. H-ERO audition. With Saber as judge and getting.... *ahem* "acquintated" with the candidates. That is all.
  • The Halloween Special of Carnival Frenzy: Waver Velvet facing all kinds of troubles (including Shirou drugged to believe he's Batman) to reach the church and get his candy.... Only to find out it was all expired.

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