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  • Fuyuki Gaiden 1: This basically what Taiga's been up to since Shirou's departure up to after Yukiko's dungeon. From her phone conversations with Dojima and Shirou, she thinks Shirou has become a womanizer. This causes her to start drinking heavily. It only gets worse when she mistakes Shirou's description of Chie for herself.
  • Most of Pixie's lines and interactions are comedy gold.
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  • Chapter 23: Izanagi gets one.
    Shirou: Thank god for small favors.
    Izanagi: Thou art welcome.
    Narration: ...was it just him, or was his first Persona more vocal lately?
  • Chapter 26: After Pixie points out Shirou is killing himself with making a circuit:
    Shirou: I know my body better than anyone, and I don't think it hates me that much.
    Izanagi: Thou art thy not, for thy art an idiot.
    Shirou: [thinking] ...Et tu, Izanagi?
    • The reaction everyone had when Taiga planted a kiss on Shirou's cheek. Cu Sith points out it wasn't the sisterly kind either.
      Shirou's face only grew that much hotter as he ducked away and hurried off. He ignored the seemingly oblivious Taiga, still smiling and content. He also ignored Dojima and Sakura staring slack-jawed, one more shocked than the other. He couldn't ignore Nanako, who somehow managed to cheer him up.
    • Then Taiga turns to Dojima who was staring incredulously at her and thusly says:
      Taiga: You're not getting one.
    • The characters voicing something that pretty much every Fate/stay night reader probably wondered about Shirou's Magecraft self-training at some point.
      Taiga: But there has to be a better way to this magic stuff than what you're doing now. What are you, a hero or a masochist?!
      Pixie: [gabbing] (If it's the latter, it would make sooooo much sense)
      Shirou: [twitches]
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  • Chapter 30: The fox, dubbed Tama-chan by Shirou, is asked how much the healing leaves will cost. She whips out an Abacus in response.
  • Chapter 31: When requesting help from Margaret in order to learn how to actually use his actual magic circuits, Shirou decides to let Pixie explain. She promptly goes on a GLORIOUS rant.
    He casually summoned the Pixie card and crushed it. Not a second later, the fey fluttered in front of Margaret's face, so fuming mad red that she thought steam would come out of her ears.
    "He's a bloomin' idiot! For years he got the wrong method down and hasn't gotten anyone to correct him because of mage paranoia! He made impish bad magic by smoldering his own nervous system! I reiterate! HE TURNED! HIS NERVES! INTO! A CONDUCTOR!" The fey screamed at the end, deliberately pointing at the magus with each sentence. "And he needs someone to teach him the RIGHT way so he doesn't STUPID himself to death again!" Having said her piece, she glared at the embarrassed magus and cursed him one last time before leaving. "Dumbass!"
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  • Chapter 33: Shirou fuses Lilim. The new persona then proceeds to ignite a shipping war where Eligor backs Chie and Cu Sith backs Taiga, and Lilim decides to stick around because his life is like a harem show. He only complains because he doesn't know. All while Igor and Margaret watch on.
    Shirou: My life is not a harem show!
  • Chapter 36: Shirou Emiya versus Mystery Food X (which he refers to as "The Sin"). It doesn't go well for him. Even his Persona can't take it.
    Shirou: Oh God!
    Izanagi: Thou canst not save thee…
    Eligor: Such vile—! Is this retribution for my actions? Solomon!?
    Valkyrie: There's no Valhalla in this! Oh no, I can hear Hel's cruel laughter! SAVE ME LORD ODIN!
    Angel: Oh Father! Why have you forsaken me?!
    Lilim: Not even Beelzebub can stomach this holy crap! AND HE'S A FUCKING FLY!
    Pixie: I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I DON'T WANNA DIE—!
    • Shirou ends up colliding with a generously endowed girl by chance while the Persona basically have a shipping war between themselves. They're all taken back by the sheer size.
      Lilim: I uh… called it?
      Eligor: That woman is going to have a VERY promising future as a wet nurse, one day.
      Pixie: Now THAT'S the ultimate 'squeeze.' Thank goodness Yosuke isn't here.
      Shirou: [aloud] How do you have a spine?
  • In Chapter 38, Shirou induces a Stupid Sexy Friend on everyone present, including Yosuke.
  • Chapter 39:
    • After Marie casually mentions that she's been stuck in the Velvet Room for weeks and neither Igor nor Margaret leave it at any point, Pixie immediately comes out to ask...
      Pixie: Question! Mister Igor? Margaret? Do you guys poop?
      [Stunned Silence]
      Igor: [laughs] Oh, yes. I poop.
      [more Stunned Silence follows as this only raises more questions than answers]
      Pixie: Huh. Okay, then. Curiosity satisfied. Bye! [disappears back into Shirou's subconscious]
      Marie: Please let me out.
    • Bonus hilarity points because Marie considers Pixie as part of Shirou and blames him for the awkward moment.
    • Later, after Shirou sees Kanji's Midnight Channel broadcast, he notices there's a particular trend with basically all the Midnight Channel broadcasts and dungeons so far...
      Shirou: Yup. Definitely libido issues.
      Lilim: [whispering to herself] Says the magic stud.
      Shirou: I heard that, Lilim.


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