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  • When facing Dathka Graush alongside other Jedi, Viera takes a second to insult the ancient Sith spirit.
    Graush: Jedi.
    Viera: What’s up, bitch?
  • When Viera meets Hego Damask, aka Darth Plagueis, at a party, she notices that he drinks through his nose. The image of a powerful and evil Sith Lord drinking through his nostrils is rather surreal.


  • Bruck is hoping that Viera is having an easier time than he and his team are... right before he sees a high-speed chase pass by them with Viera being the one being pursued.
    Aron gaped, Carina stared, Dirss merely shook his head as the three Twi'leks stared on in awe. Bruck, sighed. He ran a hand through his hair and muttered something unintelligible, even to himself, under his breath.
    Of course, as if he could expect anything else from Viera.
  • Bruck, after days of being aggressively pursued by Allaya, is asked by the Dathomirian for a walk and talk about offworlder customs. He is oblivious to the implication that she is attracted to him and wishes to pursue him the way offworlders do.
    • The comments after this omake describe Bruck as a well-written and likable harem protagonist.
  • Bruck holocoms his mother while staying in Ru's house on Corellia when Ru walks in... wearing only lingerie. She then decide to introduce herself, showing Mrs. Chun only her head and shoulders while giving Bruck a front row view of her cleavage.
    • After the conversation, Bruck mentions that she dragged him to a lingerie store earlier and that he had difficulty in knowing where to look without being offensive or awkward.

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