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Funny / FateBlack Reflection

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  • Lancer's nickname for Ichigo is "Berry-brow," on account of Ichigo's hair color and Lancer interpreting his name to mean "strawberry."
  • Saber is attacking Rin and Archer. Rin gets knocked down and looks up:
    From her position still prone on the ground, she looked up almost ruefully at the figure that stood over her. In that moment, the chilly winter wind blows aside the clouds, unveiling her death with the light of the full moon.

    Death was apparently quite pretty.
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  • After Rukia gives Rider the same explanation of wholes and hollows as she did to Ichigo in the beginning of Bleach, Rider deadpans that she should consider taking drawing classes. Rukia reacts just as angrily as before, and tries to paralyze her... except she has Magic Resistance: Rank B.
  • Following Excalibur's unveiling, Ichigo and friends immediately freak out over King Arthur being a lady, wondering how exactly her Knights couldn't see that. Oh, and Orihime's suggestion that the King actually swapped roles with his wife leads Uryuu to imagine Saber washing dishes in her armor.
  • Kon hides in the prize chute for a crane game in an arcade and gets collected when Taiga Fujimura kicks the machine because her prize won't come out. He then gets taken to the Emiya estate and picked up by Saber because she likes lions.

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