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Welcome to the Alternate Economy

  • Loy and Doctor try to explain the concept of a credit card to a bank manager. The bank manager confidently declares It Will Never Catch On, because people would never be so stupid as to spend money they don't have, and banks would never be so unscrupulous as to charge clients a high interest rate.

The Land of Taking And Killing

  • After Loy threatens to pop Gaetano in the face for stepping too close, Gaetano's brothers have to explain to him what that means, as Gaetano doesn't speak English.
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  • Josto is accosted at the funeral after-party by his future father-in-law, Milvin Gillis, who reminds the former that he is only allowing Josto to marry his daughter if he can help Milvin become mayor. Josto swiftly rebuffs him:
    Josto: You wanna become mayor? Help my kids become President. But before that happens, I'm gonna slow pump some babies into your daughter one at a time, and twice on Sundays.
  • Oraetta gets caught in the middle of trying to kill a patient and somehow manages to bullshit her way into getting two months' severance and a glowing recommendation for her next potential employer. After getting caught trying to kill a patient.


  • Deafy goes on a long tangent about his Mormonism to the police captain before he ever reveals his badge, prompting the captain to ask why he didn't just produce the badge to start.
    • The police captain keeps responding to Deafy's statements with ever more inventive profanities, like "What the hot Christ?"
    Deafy: You blaspheme more than any man I've ever met. And I've been to Cleveland.
  • The back and forth between Deafy and Weff as they're about to raid the Smutney house.

The Pretend War

  • Weff's priceless face when his attempt to get Deafy to leave town backfires. It doesn't help that, as he's learning that, Rabbi shows up seeking to summon him to a sitdown with Josto.
  • Deafy tries to proselytize to a clearly-agitated Gaetano.
  • Thurman is hilariously bad at trying to play cool when handing over his payment to Loy, especially since it didn't occur to him to take the money out of the duffle bag first, forcing him to claim that he put all that cash in a duffle bag for Loy's convenience.
    Loy: I gotta tell ya, I can't remember the last time a white man tried to make my life easier.

The Birthplace of Civilization

  • Thurman advising Ethelrida to stay away from Oraetta, because he's not entirely sure that she's a good person. Also, he suspects that she might have poisoned that pie.
  • Gaetano slips on some ice and falls flat on his ass.
    • The lead-in and the aftermath to this deserve some mention, too: Calamita and Gaetano get out of their car and walk up towards a cafe, the latter inexplicably dancing much to Calamita's confusion. Gaetano ends up slipping on the ice in his reverie, much to the amusement of a young janitor working at the cafe. Gaetano laughs it off, saying it's funny "like Charlie Chaplin", but ends up killing the janitor and a bartender in his fury. Then he continues to dance, much to the consternation of Calamita, who asks Gaetano why he felt the need to do that.
  • Loy shows up at the Smutneys' house, demanding to know where Zelmare and Swanee are holed up. He also demands that they give Zero a slice of Ethelrida's birthday cake.

Camp Elegance

  • Poor Odis comes home to his apartment, only to get jumped in the shower by one of Loy's men, at which point he gets confronted by Loy himself.
    Loy: It's okay; I've been having a bad day, too.
  • Against all odds, Swanee manages to get the drop on Gaetano, but panics when she sees him drawing on Zelmare and shoots him in the head (only grazing the side of his head.)
    Zelmare: The man said alive.
    Swanee: (nudges Gaetano with her foot) Nah, he's still breathin'.
    • This is followed by Swanee and Zelmare having to figure out how to actually move his now-unconscious body, as he's too heavy for either of them. They end up dragging a carpet under him.
  • Oraetta is once again accused of killing patients thanks to Ethelrida's anonymous letter , but manages to escape again because Dr. Harvard is such a sexist ass that he buys her story that a jealous candy-striper from her previous hospital is making baseless accusations against her.

Lay Away

  • Poor Odis has a terrible day, as first he is kidnapped by Opal (using his own car, no less), and then is left to sit in a locker room to wait for Loy. Naturally, he breaks into his Survival Mantra of "Ten Little Indians"... at which point Swanee and Zelmare walk in, with Swanee listening to him muttering about Indians. And then they decide to sit down on either side of him, with Zelmare laying her head on his shoulder.

The Nadir

  • Gaetano finally pledges his loyalty to Josto. But not before body-slamming him into a table over the whole "trying-to-trick-Loy-into-killing-him" thing.


  • In the opening, Omie is carrying a guy in the trunk of his car. Forced to stop at a gas station to wait for his target, he notices an unpainted building nearby and offers to paint it in exchange for being able to hide his car in the back of the station, then pulls the guy out of the trunk to help him.
  • The episode title comes from the rather unconventional hotel where Rabbi and Satchel decide to lay low, where a pair of batty old sisters have divided the whole premises down the middle because they couldn't agree on how to run the place, so each side has its own rules.
  • Rabbi repeatedly gets irrationally angry at the unfinished "THE FUTURE IS NOW" sign.


  • After a whole season of surviving everyone else's attempts to kill him, Gaetano dies in a truly embarrassing fashion: he trips on a rock and his gun goes off, blowing off his own head.
  • After Oraetta comes upon Ethelrida and Lemuel, she refers to Lemuel as Ethelrida's boyfriend, to which Ethelrida objects. Lemuel insists he's more like a suitor.
  • Oraetta tries to kill Ethelrida in her sleep, but manages to blunder into the Smutney family weirdness, as the Roach appears behind her, causing her to let out a girlish scream.

Storia Americana

  • As they ride off to their execution, Josto and Oraetta argue like two little kids stuck on a long car ride. One of the mobsters in the front seat threatens to shoot them if they don't shut up.
  • Oraetta's last request is that Joe shoot Josto first so that she can watch him die. Josto is barely able to get out a Flat "What" before he's shot in the head.

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