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  • When you meet Butch and Pierre for the first time, Pierre gives you a spiel about how money is the only thing that matters to him in life. Butch boasts that "Make some Dosh" is his brother's credo, then adds, "My credo is 'buckets.' Don't forget that."
  • If you destroy the Doomstone stolen by Butch and Pierre, Hughes will be suitably (and hilariously) outraged:
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  • When Princess Laura is grounded, you end up sneaking into her room under the guise of delivering an apple pie. The guards in front of her room let you through mainly because the pie smells so good they're tempted to eat it themselves.
    Paladin: Please go through before we're forced to abandon our oath to remain vigilant in the face of hot apple pie!
  • When you check in with King Erik during the "Dinky Dad" bliss event, he says that he objected to Laura going out at night solely because she's a girl. Queen Ophelia proceeds to shut him up by reminding him of an embarrassingly-Long List of times she'd saved his butt during his childhood adventures.
  • In the Bliss event "Professor Hughes", Professor Hughes has been working so hard researching the Doomstones and the Goddess Cog that he literally falls asleep on his feet. When Butterfly wakes him up, he abruptly shouts "Sorry Mummy, I won't be late for school!" and admits to being "deep sleprived". Then after some exposition, he does it again, this time shouting "You apologize to Dinky! He's my monkey!" when awakened.
    Butterfly: Don't worry, we'll apologize to Dinky. You really need to get some sleep, Hughes.
  • The weapons used by some allies:
    • Chic and Aurora throw paper airplanes at monsters if you take them along in battle.
    • Taylor hits monsters with a basket.
  • When you become a Legend tailor, Lyra's "congrats for the new rank" dialogue will include complimenting your outfit. If you happen to be wearing Rainbow Pimp Gear, or at least less well dressed than the time she criticized your outfit at a lower rank, it can be quite hilarious to read.
  • Bringing a dragon to the bounty ladies in the various Guild Offices will cause them to freak out. It's quite amusing, especially the first time you do it and they freak out. The Castele bounty clerk even asks why you're not the king.
  • After mastering at least one Life, you can skip the tutorials of other Lives. The Masters get appropriately flabbergasted and/or mad that the new applicant is blowing off their teaching, leading to a hurried discussion between them and their number two about overconfident you are. They'll still give you everything you'd earn anyway, but they don't have to like it.
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  • During the summit at Castele Castle to start Chapter 6, your butterfly companion Yuelia shows off her human form to everyone for the first time, and gets freaked out when exclamation marks appear over everyone's heads. She makes them promise not to do it again when she tells them she's one of the daughters of God, so they all respond with Confused Question Marks instead.
    Yuelia: OK, I should've seen that one coming.
  • During the Origin Island DLC, Furlin starts getting very friendly with a pink Furlin on the Island. Except Yuelia has no idea what's going on:
    Yuelia: What's a mate?
    Noelia:] Well, when a momma Furlin and a daddy Furlin love each other very much... You know what, never mind. I'll let Dad explain it.
  • When you talk to one of the Ancient Warriors in Origin Island, he will describe a huge, sacred tree. He explains that if anyone dares vandalise the tree, they will suffer a curse that will prevent their favourite game from working properly. But just as they describe what the curse does, he is cut off by an error.1
    Ancient Warrior: Beyond here lies a huge, sacred tree. Any children who dare scratch words into the tree will suffer a TERRIBLE CURSE. Their very favourite game will stop working prop%$£@#&? ERR0194823