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Funny / Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

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  • Stan Lee being turned away from the wedding's list of guests.
  • A much needed Mood Whiplash after Doom jacks Silver's board, kills the General, pwns the Four, and blows the joint:
    Ben: (gets smashed into the wall by a large concrete slab) OK. That one hurt.
    Susan: Where's Reed?
    Reed: (muffled) Back here!
    Ben: (steps out from the wall to reveal a flattened Reed) My bad.
  • After Doom shows the Four a video of the Silver Surfer
    Ben: I liked the part where he knocks you on your ass.
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  • Early in the film, the Four are forced to fly coach and Ben is wedged into a tiny seat. He looks out the window and sees Johnny flying beside the plane.
    Ben: I hope it rains...
  • Before the wedding:
    Alicia: Hey, Johnny. (turns head slightly in his direction)
    Johnny: (taken aback) Wow. Does that always amaze anyone else? How did she know it was me? I didn't say anything!
    Alicia: Well, to be honest, you kind of smell like ash.
  • Thing-ified Johnny. That is all.
  • "I think it might be clobberin' time..."


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