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Funny / Family Guy S13 E1 "The Simpsons Guy"

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  • In the courthouse, the Blue Haired Lawyer comments on how Pawtucket Ale is a ripoff of Duff Beer, and the camera focuses on counterpart comparisons. The Judge is revealed to be Fred Flintstone who claims that both beers are based on his favorite beer: Bud Rock. It's a subtle way to say that both shows would be considered ripoffs of The Flintstones, making the whole "Family Guy is a Simpsons rip-off" argument moot if you know anything about cartoons from before the modern day.
    FG!James Woods: You've been to Springfield?
    Simpsons!James Woods: Yeah, I worked in the Kwik-E-Mart to research a role.
    FG!James Woods: These guys are gonna lose.
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  • Kool-Aid Man breaking into the wrong courthouse (because he went to the wrong Springfield).
  • Peter thinking that the Simpsons casts signature yellow skin is because of hepatitis, warning no one to drink the water.
    • When they meet Homer, he call the Griffins "albino visitors".
  • Bart's prank call to Moe, saying he's searching for a "Mr. Kebum, first name Lee" (Leaky Bum). When Moe says it out loud over the phone, it gets hilarious.
    • Stewie's "prank call" can be funny when you take into consideration that it's a comment on the styles of both shows being so polar when it comes to the humor and characterizations of the characters. The innocence of Bart right before the horribleness of Stewie may cause a bit of mood whiplash for some, but it's also funny in that it shows off the differences in both styles so well.
    • "I took Apu." Stealth Pun meets Toilet Humour, which Bart actually finds funny despite being horrified at Stewie's sociopathy.
  • Marge making Brian eat in the kitchen with Santa's Little Helper, specifically because "dogs eat in the kitchen".
    Brian: Hey, couldn't help but notice there's no seat for me?
    Marge: Oh. I was under the impression that you were a dog.
    Stewie: You're right to have that reaction, Marge.
    Brian: Well, I just figured at home, I sit with the family, so I assumed that...
    Marge: Have you ever drunk out of a toilet?
    Brian: I don't see what that has to do with the discussion.
    Stewie: Yeah, dogs eat in the kitchen!
  • The fight scene can range as awesome, but funny in its own right.
    • Homer strangling Peter as he does to Bart, and Peter's horrified reaction to that.
    Peter: You strangle your son?! That's insane! No wonder he's fat and stupid and masturbates all the time!
    Homer: That's YOUR son!
    • Homer weaponizing the 31 Emmys the show has won.
    Peter: Hey, that's not fair, I don't got none of them!
    • Roger from American Dad! making a cameo in Kang and Kodos's spaceship.
    • Peter and Homer reenacting the iconic Springfield Gorge jump in a UFO.
    Peter: We're gonna make it!
    • Peter punching Homer and stealing his "Woohoo!" catchphrase, while Homer kicks him and steals Peter's "Roadhouse!" catchphrase.
    • This exchange between Homer and Peter before ultimately beating the shit out of each other.
    Homer: Say hi to Maude Flanders.
    Peter: No! You say hi to Muriel Goldman!
    Homer: Who?
    Peter: You see, I'm a Family Guy.
    Homer: I understand, I'm a The Simpsons.
  • As the Griffins were about to leave after losing the trial, we get this exchange between Marge and Lois:
    Marge: Good to have you! And, hey, next time you stay with a family, maybe you could wear a bra some of the time.
    (Lois covers herself)

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