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Funny / Family Guy Presents: Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

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  • The Take That! at Seth Green during "It's a Trap":
    Carter/Emperor: (...) Seth Green gets under my skin.
    Chris/Luke: Huh?
    Carter/Emperor: Yeah. Boy, that guy rubs me the wrong way. I mean, has he ever made anything successful? Greg the Bunny, Four Kings, and that godawful puppet show. It's on, like, channel 100 or something.
    Chris/Luke: Well, I think he's had some successes. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was successful.
    Carter/Emperor: It was not popular. Entertainment Weekly said it was popular, but it wasn't. Hardly anybody watched that show.
    Stewie/Vader: Yeah, I never caught it.
    Chris/Luke: Well, he's been in some big movies. The Austin Powers movies grossed, like, a billion dollars.
    Carter/Emperor: What, because of Seth Green? Do you ever hear anyone say, "Hey, lets go see that new Austin Powers, Seth Green's in it"?
    Chris/Luke: You're not getting to me, man. You're talking about an actor who I happen to enjoy.
    Carter/Emperor: Well, I certainly enjoyed him in Entourage, 'cause in that show he was playing himself, an asshole.
    Then later:
    Stewie/Vader: Give yourself to the dark side, Luke.
    Chris/Luke: I will not fight you.
    Stewie/Vader: Well, all right. I guess that's no problem. I can always get Seth Green to fight me. He'll do anything for money. I mean, did you see Sex Drive? Oh, of course you didn't. You're a person. Of course, I guess it did respectable foreign numbers. Asians really liked it. And you gotta hand it to Seth Green. I mean, he works hard, you know? I mean, the work is much harder when you know the project is no good. Still, all those small paychecks must add up. I wonder if his fan base knows how Jewish he really is.
  • "Oh yeah?! You and what lightning hands?!"
    • "Oop, now you've done it."
  • The officer greeting Stewie/Vader is Roger. Vader complains that they've used up all of their own characters already.
  • "Don't get penisy!"
  • Peter/Han singing along with the background music, "TIE Fighter Attack", with no explanation other than it's funny.
  • "Why do they call them TIE fighters?" "No idea!" [cut to the inside of a TIE Fighter where a Thai man is piloting the ship and screaming in his native language]
  • "YEAH-HEH! That's how we do it in my neighbourhood, bitch!"
  • "They're coming in too fast!" "Nickel for every time I've had that problem... Keep shootin', Luke!"
  • From "It's a Trap", after Chris/Luke sees Lois/Leia in her slave outfit:
    Lois/Leia: I didn't get raped, okay?
    Chris/Luke: Okay.
    Lois/Leia: [angrily] OKAY?!
    Chris/Luke: Okay!
  • Stewie/Vader tells Chris/Luke to remove his mask... and he ends up twisting his head and killing him! At the end, he appears as a Force ghost... still with his head twisted!
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  • The reference to National Lampoon's Vacation:
    Ellen: Clark, I don't like the look of this neighborhood.
    Clark: Come on, Ellen, it's important for the kids to witness the plight of the Rebellion. Kids, you noticing all this plight?
    [an X-Wing shoots near their car]
    Clark: Roll 'em up. [everyone rolls up their windows]
  • At the end of Empire, Brian points out how weird it is that Lando is wearing Han's signature vest and white shirt (presumably more of Star Wars's notorious reuse of props).
    Brian/Chewie: Why are you wearing Han's clothes? [to the audience] Seriously, watch this actual scene in The Empire Strikes Back, Lando is wearing Han Solo's clothes, it's really weird.
  • Chris/Luke interrupts the final scene of Empire to complain about the cliffhanger and how many unanswered questions there are. He's then approached by a man in a trenchcoat...
    Man: Are you Luke Skywalker? I got something for you... a letter!
    Chris/Luke: [reading] "Dear Luke, if my calculations are correct, you should be receiving this the exact moment the Delorean vanished. I've been living happily these past months in the year 1885-" 1885!? The Doc's alive! He's in the old west but he's alive! [cue Back to the Future theme]
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  • C-3PO's commentary on the cliffhanger when Lando and Chewie leaves to look for Han.
    C-3PO: Even though we know exactly where he's going, let's rescue him in three years.
  • During the attack on the Death Star in Dark Side, the Millenium Falcon has to blow up the power station inside... which turns out to be 1980's pop group Power Station, singing their hit "Some Like it Hot". Sure enough, blowing them up destroys the Death Star.
  • The Overly Long Gag of Peter/Han Solo and Chris/Luke trying to move a couch in Blue Harvest.
    Peter: Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna take the cushions off, unscrew the legs, take the mattress out, and this whole thing's gonna be a lot simpler. It's easier than we're making it.
  • When Lois/Leia gets the ship to turn around to recover a wounded Chris/Luke in Something, Something, Something, Dark Side:
    Brian/Chewie: Is that him?
    Lois/Leia: I dunno... Luke! If that's you, wave your right hand! [beat], your right hand!
    Chris/Luke: It's me, you fuckers!
  • Boba Fett is Ernie the Giant Chicken. Just that.

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