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  • The opening to Familiar Faces: Episode 010.
  • In his Katie Kaboom review, CR explains how much Animaniacs impacted his sense of humour, and even shows the exact moment the series made him discover comedy. Suddenly the screen starts flashing with the image of famous comedians, godly music plays and...
    That's how I became just a voice.
  • Episode 21. Particularly the Forrest Gump joke. "Glad other movies don't drop the payload like that!"
  • Irish Robocop. That is all..
  • From Episode 25: "But you know what's even better than a good opening? A witty ending." * awkward pause* "Okay, bye." * cut to credits*
  • No mention of his commentary during the "Cartoon Network Groovies" homage?
    • "Ladies and gentlemen, the death of swing."
    • "[The mummy] must be a super Muslim!"
  • From Episode 27 (Connie Benge):
    • "Remember kids, school is important, so stay in school! Otherwise you won't be able to point out the BULLSHIT in these second rate morality plays!"
  • Episode 28:
  • Episode 29: The 'Jaws theme replaced by Super Mario Bros. 3'' World 3 music.
  • His special review of Harlem Globetrotters meet Snow White, possibly one of the angriest Familiar Faces reviews he's done. The special's constant anachronisms which are left unexplained, the bizarre writing of the characters and the sheer fact that a special with such a title exists was apparently too much for CR to even consider any redeeming qualities.
    • When Snow White is stopped from taking another bite of the poisoned apple at the end;
    CR: Yes, she probably has brain damage from all the comas she's been slipping into. Either that or she was trying to put herself out of her misery. And I can't really blame her, because just... wow.
  • Fungus Among Us: "Gravity; my one dreaded weakness. So much so that I avoid it whenever I can."
  • THE WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE!, from his crossover with the Critic about Baby Doll.
    Batman: "Channel Awesome isn't interested in your review series Robin."
    Robin: "They're just jealous."
  • From his Top 13 Goosebumps video.
    CR: "... Which just proves that reality TV is the work of the devil."
    Demon: "OF COURSE!"
  • CR has a tendency to overuse the M. Bison "OF COURSE" gag, in a way that somehow manages to keep it hilarious. Best example, following after his Animated Arnold Clones Episode.
    M. Bison: "OF COU-"
    Is frozen into a block of ice
    Mr. Freeze: "I hate when people talk during the movie."
  • CR takes a stab at riffing old educational shorts. One of them, "The Cautious Twins" features rhyming narration and two little ragamuffins who apparently live in a town where every other adult is trying to kidnap, kill, and/or molest them. CR mocks the Everything Trying to Kill You aspect of the short mercilessly, eventually leading to this quip near the end:
    Narrator: And since they learned so very well
    These lessons, every one
    Here they are, all safe and sound...
    CR: Except for sister Joan
    She thought she could go to the mailbox alone
    And now her lips are sewn
  • CR does a Let's Play of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan game Story of the Blanks. After The Reveal that the ponies living in the Everfree Forest kill those with cutie marks, he asks the question surely every brony must be thinking:
    "Then again, what happens to the pony who finds out their special talent is sacrificing other ponies? Then, of course, Irony Appreciation Pony's the next to die."
  • CR's My Little Pony retrospective gives us yet another variation of the "OF COURSE!" gag, delivered this time by... the bison Chief Thunderhooves from Friendship is Magic
    • Also, his reaction to the G1 ponies rapidly growing their manes back after they're shaved off.
    CR: Eugh, that was it again!
    • "By the way, none of the villains were ever turned into toys. Because, you know, little girls don't like conflict." Cut to home-video footage of an adorable little girl (a relative of CR's?) pretendng CR's a pirate that she has to beat up by slapping him around.
    Little girl: Stupid pirate! You'll be dead!
    • Teddy: (to Lancer, a blue male pony) You know what your problem is? You're always siding with the girls.
    CR: Well of course he does! He's got blue balls!
  • The second part of the retrospective brings us:
  • From the video on Samhain.
    • After Samhain explains his plan to make Halloween night last forever
    "So then the Ghostbusters had to travel into the Everfree Forest to find the Elements of Harmony and... Alright alright, Ponies & Ghostbusters don't mix." (CUT TO A PICTURE OF RAINBOW DASH & PINKIE PIE AS GHOSTBUSTERS) "Hee-hee, Pinkie's got the goggles."
    • His apathetic behavior to doing an ending sketch.
    • The perfect "WTF face"
  • From the video of the Ben 10: Alien Force cardgame
    CR: Gwen Tennyson doesn't know what a sigh is... You know who would know what a sigh is? Gwen Tennyson!!
  • From the Ninjago episode of Cheap Damage, we have "CR! VS HAT"
  • Already in the CMOA list, his review of "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" and the ending of Twilight Sparkle's lesson to the Princess
  • Hank Pym in 5 Seconds:
    CR!Nick Fury: What about Ant-Man?
    CR!Tony Stark: Hank? The wife beater?! Nah-ah, fuck that guy.
  • Near the end of his review of Swarm of the Century, we get Fake Cadance as Zim
  • The entirety of his Cheap Damage episode on Gormiti. Specifically:
    • After he explained the VERY brief rules, he sits there in silence then it cuts to him burning the figures.
    • He points out how companies take kids for idiots these days and in his generation they wouldn't attempt something this stupid. Cue him viewing a commercial for Battle Beasts, a collectable set of Rock Paper Scissors action figures.
      • His shocked reaction that there were 84 Battle Beasts to collect.
    • To expand. Even with the worst games he has review, he always point out at least one good thing about it, and even gives some ideas how to make the game more interesting. But after learning just how lame the game was, he just decided it didn't deserve it at all.
  • The two-part "Battletoads" review has lots of good bits, including:
    • The sleeping Psicone gag.
    • CR discovering a link between Silas the video game programmer... and Doctor Insano. "Son of a bitch, they're popping up everywhere!"
    • His amazement that they used "Havana Naguela" in the cartoon, during the battle between the Battle Toads and the Dark Queen's procine minions. "I don't know if that's offensive, but it's certainly not kosher!"
    • The comment about "space being powered by friendship". "Okay, everyone keep hugging... ah! Stop hugging! Stop hugging!"
    • CR's theory to why the Dark Queen is after the princess - apparently they made out once in space bording school and the Queen just can't get over it!
  • In the "Ralph the Guard" episode:
    • His dead on impression of Mr. Director while critiquing his own Sin City/Animaniacs mash-up title card.
    • The completely far-fetched story he makes up about Frank Welker as a thinly-veiled excuse to get Welker to rebuttal him on "Talkin' Toons with RobPaulsen." What's better: the story is about a cartoonishly exaggerated golf swing Ralph pulls, so CR keeps looping over that footage during the story.
  • Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards
    • His impersonating George Lucas to try to justify the more Risque elements of the deck.
    • As well as the fact that he sounds vaguely like James Stewart.
    CR: "I don't need to tell you about Star Wars... So I won't."
    • His comparison of Beru as a young girl with Beru as Luke's middle-aged aunt.
    Beru Whitesun: I may be a moisture farmer now, but one day I'm gonna get off this rock, and I'll have a long, happy life, exploring all the riches this universe has to offer!
  • #53 featured Cadbury's Caramel Bunny, who's known almost solely in England where the ads featuring her run. CR comments that she has a "a seductively low voice", and points out that her subsequent ads made her legs longer and more humanlike.
    Nostalgia Critic: (From the Space Jam review) Why would anyone wanna fuck a rabbit? What sense does that make?
    Map of England: (Raucous laughter)
  • From his Animalympics review in episode 69 of Familiar Faces, CR getting distracted by Kit Mambo's butt shot. Repeatedly.
    • "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that bird just flipped them the bird."
    • Saying the Rocky comparisons with Bolt Jenkins go "right down to the sunken eyes and crappy acting in commercials."
    • The "elephant in the room" joke before seguing into discussing the Furry Fandom aspects of the movie. "Hey! Keep your eyes off my sister!"
  • Episode 08 Cartoon Network Groovies- After a summary on the Cartoon Network's beginning and its impact on audiences, it cut to the then current shows now on the once great channel and ends with "When did my TV become the f$#king shortbus?!" The whole thing is a bit sad and hilarious at the same time.
    • YMMV, given that the mere fact that any out of context clip can make a show seem moronic. Take anything from Ren & Stimpy.
  • The ending to Episode 6, where he gets stoned off cartoon smoke and starts proclaiming that Milton the Monster (which he'd been criticizing relentlessly) is the best show ever.
  • The Cool Runnings Slow Clap clip at the end of the BreaKeys review.
  • From the Cheap Damage episode on the Ghostbusters RPG, his confusion about the D4.
    CR: *Looking down at the four sided die* What are you!? None of your sides are pointing up! You got different numbers on each and they're all going in different directions! YOU SHOULD NOT BE!!!
  • The usages of the "Urge To Kill Rising" clip from The Simpsons during his review of Luna Eclipsed. Your mileage may vary with last one though...
    "My big brother... best friend forever..."
    Homer: Urge to kill... rising...
  • His response to Meghan McCarthy's twitter.
  • CR discovers there's a game based off the infamous "wife-tossing" scene from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... and promptly decides to throw Cadance to her death countless times on purpose. As with the above, your mileage may vary.
  • Santa Bum.
    : "Oh my father, these are best toys I've ever seen in my life!"
  • CR coming to the conclusion that the Yu-G-Oh Millennium Game was made by Christopher Nolan.
  • Bison's Of Course from the Porygon episode. Instead of the usual clip, he's a challenger in Pokemon
  • The Stinger to his Goldie Gold episode, where he claims the twist in the episode he reviewed was nothing compared to the twist in the series finale: Goldie was the killer, and she was really Richie Rich!
    • The Running Gag of CR mentioning what a living hell Hobo Joe goes through compared to the nigh-impossible stuff Goldie has.
    "Hobo Joe has to wake up every morning and disinfect the rat bites he got during the night with discarded orange peels! And you have a fucking space mansion?! A fully-furnished, life-sustaining mansion in space...that's completely empty! That's it! I'm rootin' for The Skull!"
    • When CR mentions that Goldie is a newspaper magnate in the 1980s, he suggests that she'll go broke in about 15 years when the Internet goes mainstream and tells Goldie to "Say hi to Hobo Joe for me". The scene then cuts to a broke Goldie sitting next to Joe in an alley.
  • Youtube in 5 Seconds.
  • Someone requested cough drop porn. Really.


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