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  • Ben's opinions on smoothskins.
    "Oh I'm tired! Oh, I need sleep! Oh, this irradiated water is killing me from the inside! Pussy."
  • After starting an unprovoked fight with Trader Vic, the party runs out of ammo and tries to negotiate with him. Both sides think it's a trick back and forth until they agree to drop their weapons. Hilarity Ensues.
    Ben: WAIT!
    Vic: What!?
    Ben: Is *this* a trick!?
  • Everything Trader Vic does, from bragging about his new hat (it's adjustable) to finding Red's unconscious body in the desert. Bonus points for being played by Vic Mignogna!
    Vic: Jackpot!
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  • Red's way of dealing with troublesome party members is not good for Tanner & Co.
    Tanner: How many times have we been over this!?
    Red: Baby, not my fault!
    Red: Only a little...
  • Ben's choice after realizing he doesn't have a clear shot to save Twig and Scar
    Ben: I can't see shit! *puts down rifle* Screw it, I'll join whoever survives.
    • Even better, considering Aaron Giles claimed the line "I can't see shit" was improvised.
  • Twig feeling regret over killing Tanner & Co. except Red while Ben is happy for another reason...
    Twig: We had to kill them, and now they're dead—
    Ben: Wooo!! Free shit! YEAH!
  • Early in the Fan Film, Twig hallucinates a bottle of dirty water is a bottle of Nuka Cola. Later, when the party finds two bottles in the bags of the mercs they just killed, this scene gets an unexpected Call-Back as Twig joyously announces to Ben and Scar "They're real!" to both their confusion.
    • Happens again early in Season 2. Twig hallucinates that an old tin can filled with sand is a bottle of Nuka-Cola, and a big concrete block next to it is a vending machine. He chugs from the can shouting things like "Oh, it's so good!" as the Ranger looks on in total confusion, and Scar and Ben look on in total indifference.
      Scar: Oh, he does this all the time. He'll figure it out soon enough.
  • In episode 3, Twig finds 3 bottles of Nuka Cola in a shop run by an old man. Between the old man's forgetfulness and Twig's overenthusiasm for the soft drink, it's just hilarious.
    Twig: How much? *old man snores* HOW MUCH!?!
    Old Man: For the bottles?
    Twig: *beat* YES!!!
    Old Man: And the stuff in them?
    Twig: YES!!!!!
    Old Man: Hmm.... *mumble mumble*
    Twig: Yes?
    Old Man: *mumbles more*
    Twig: C'mon old man! WORDS! Use WORDS!!
    Old Man: 3 caps. Each.
    Twig: I'll take them!!! *throws a handful of bottle caps at him*
    Twig: You got any more?
    Old Man: *reaches behind him* I got some... Sunset Sarsaparilla.
    Twig: Is that Nuka Cola?
    Old Man: *mumble* No, it's, uh, Sunset.
    Twig: Got any Nuka?
    Old Man: *mumble* Nuka... Nuka...
    Twig: Yes?
    Old Man: No, just Sunset.
    • Happens again in Episode 5.
    Old Man: "Oh it's you. Look what I found! *Holds up a bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum* Thought you might want it."
    Twig: *busy stealing a Shiskebab* "Yes." *throws bottle caps at him so hard it knocks him out of his chair and unconcious.*
  • After one his men fails to watch Ben, Larry's reaction is priceless.
    Larry: "Shit. Who was watching HIM!?"
    Random Girl: "Err... me?"
    Larry: "May I?"
    Ben: "Kill the Bitch."
    • Even funnier since the girl was YouTuber Katers 17 and the goon next to her who ratted her out was fellow YouTuber and Kater's boyfriend Cory 'Mr. Safety' Williams.
  • One of the comments from their YouTube videos
    Commenter: The Goggles budget for this series must be through the roof!
    • Season 2 features a character called "Six Eyes", who wears two pairs of goggles (one over his eyes and one around his neck). Possibly the creators saw that comment and this is their response.
  • From Red Star:
    Ranger: "You don't know much of anything do you, Barker?"
    Barker: "Nope. I don't know anything!"
  • In the Season 2 finale, Twig gets the Nuka Breaker, and it's set up like an 11th-Hour Superpower. He makes a dramatic, slow-motion, heroic charge at Leon to save Ron from being killed, only for Leon to stop him cold with an Offhand Backhand, and then stab him with his sword.
    Twig: Really?!
    Leon: Really.

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