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  • Pope's rant about the proper way to cook chicken in "Prisoner of War" comes completely out of nowhere. The man does not tolerate bad food..
  • Later, in "Sanctuary":
    Pope: I smell asparagus. That means you're boiling it. That means you're ruining it.
  • "Dai is high as a freaking kite, but loves this bread."
    • "Dai refers to himself in the third person now?"
      • "Dai does!"
  • "Sanctuary Pt. 2": While the 7th Mass have Hal and the kids pinned down, we get a quick cut to Clayton calmly telling one of his guys how he once considered buying in this neighborhood.
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  • Pope's beloved Harley motorcycle getting destroyed by the Skitters. He does not take it well.
  • Right before the big damn battle against the Overlord, Click, Dai and Margaret snark over how stylin' Weaver's battered jacket is. Weaver's reaction is priceless ("Alright, stop it, or this stylin', rugged, side-eleven boot will commence to kicking some ass!")
  • Cochise being The Comically Serious regarding Pope's so-called plane.
    Mason: Is everything alright, Cochise?
    Cochise: It is simply...a—are you certain this aircraft is...
    Mason: Safe?
    Cochise:...I was going to say "capable of flight".
  • In season four, Col. Weaver is slightly off. The result proves to be amusing:
    Tom (regarding the alien motivations): I don't know, I'm thinking.
    Weaver: Well keep thinking, and warn me when you think up a AK-47.
  • Anthony is marching on the woods. The boredom gets to him:
    Anthony: I know, that's why I said it. Might as well just be over with it...
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  • Tom does an impression of the John F. Kennedy moon speech when saying they need to go to the moon to take out an Espheni installation. Also an in-universe funny moment.
  • Cochise has a moment of literal mindedness in the Season 5 premiere, after Weaver explains that the last part of their plan is to "get the hell out of dodge."
    Cochise: Is this Dodge?
    Weaver: Shut up.

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