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Sweet Revenge:

  • The Humiliation Conga Angela gives out to Yum-Mee and Jimmy in the final episode, especially throughout the level where the birds keeps coming towards Jimmy’s new car after Angela threw bird seeds on it.

High School Reunion:

  • Angela's various Janet Imagine Spots:
    • The most hilariously brutal one is one of Angela strangling Janet. When Victoria snaps her out of it, Angela turns out to be strangling a mop.
  • Janet and Angela both attempting to sit down in the same chair, simultaneously.
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  • Principal Morgan fainting when Angela declares to him (and the entire school during prom) that Janet (his daughter) is pregnant. He does this again, now as the Warden of Snuggford Prison, when he sees his daughter in the orange clothes.
  • Janet getting instant Laser-Guided Karma by falling into the water immediately after Angela does.


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