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  • There's a moment, in Series 1, episode 2, as the narrator is telling us how a bird was used as gossip for Odin to help him keep up with the world's goings-on. The corresponding footage is of a bird landing on a statue of Odin's hand, and a wave of random Stock Footage goes past the bird and Statue!Odin. When the barrage of stock footage passes, the face of Statue!Odin suddenly comes to life, makes a wry expression, and says "OH! I see!" before freezing with a smug grin.
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  • In "Dinosaur", a claymation model of a dinosaur, "Legs", demonstrates how dinosaurs may have evolved from crawling on their bellies to walking upright. Legs is a goofy little Cartoon Creature meant to resemble a theropod, and he makes plenty of stupid grins and weird little noises as he demonstrates the evolution of walking. At the end of his demonstration, we see an actual dinosaur stomp by... inadvertently squashing Legs underfoot. (Don't worry, he's okay later!

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