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  • During the second episode, Spittor discovers that his corrosive liquid replacement is not living up to the hype.
    Spittor: (takes out a jar of hot sauce he'd placed in his acid spray canister) Oh, typical human false advertising! It clearly states "so hot it will set your mouth on fire". I ask you, where are the flames!
  • "Do as I say, or I'll pickle your head in the hottest chili sauce I can find."
  • Bullzeye trying to mimick a Tyrolian song after seeing it on TV:
    Spike: Stop that, it's worse than your shriek!
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  • The Raptors find what they assume to be several raptor eggs and attempt to use them to raise an entire army of Raptor. Turns out those were actually ostriches eggs. The Raptors' reaction to the eggs hatching is priceless. Even funnier when the Extreme Dinosaurs (who learnt about it) arrive:
    T-Bone: Hello. We came to congratulate the happy daddy.
  • Bullzeye taunting Haxx in "Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs".
  • One of the members of the resistance against Queen Zarconda in "Dinosaur Warriors" gives Stegz a kiss as thanks for helping them overthrow the queen's tyrrany. Spike remarks that he's never seen a dinosaur blush before, and then he gets a kiss too. Cue Luminescent Blush. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Before that, T-Bone asks Ridge if he's sure he doesn't want to join the Extreme Dinosaurs; he gives him a handshake... and then slams him into the ground. They both laugh it off and say goodbye as if nothing happened.


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