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Funny / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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  • When Joel tries to wake himself up by forcing his eyelids open with his fingers.
    Joel (sarcastically): "Oh yeah, this is working like gangbusters."
    • Then it does.
  • When Joel brings Clementine into a memory from his childhood, allowing Carrey to cut loose some of his screwball nature as he acts like a four-year-old.
    Clementine-as-Mrs. Hamlin: Joel, I think it's working, look! (lifts up her dress) My crotch is still here! Just as you'd remembered it!
    Joel-as-Young Joel: Yuck!
  • When Stan honks the horn to alert Mary and Dr. Mierzwiak that Mrs. Mierzwiak is coming. She looks heartbroken, then turns and bitch-slaps Stan: "Thank you, Stan."
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  • When Joel and Clementine MST a black and white movie:
    Clem: Can't you see? I love you Antoine!
    Joel: Hmm, lay one on me. But don't call me Antoine, my name is Wally!
    Clem: I know, but how could I ever love a man called Wally?! Ah!
    (People appear behind the actress in the movie)
    Joel: My God, there's people coming out of your butt!
  • One of Joel and Clem's trips on the ice is pretty good and even doubles for heart-warming:
    Clem: Show me which constellations you know.
    Joel: I don't... know any.
    Clem: (beat) Show me which ones you know.
    Joel: (beat) Okay, okay. Oh, here's Osidius.
    Clem: Where?
    Joel: Right there. See? Sort of a swoop and across. Osidius the Emphatic.
    Clem: (grinning) You're full of shit. Right?
    Joel: (grinning) Nope. Osidius is right there: swoop and across.
    Clem: (laughing) Shut the fuck up!

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