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  • At some point, a particularly infuriating Obstructive Bureaucrat is giving Administrator Amanda Jennings a hell of a lot of trouble, refusing to allow his employees to help construct city defenses. In walks the previously-ineffectual Second-Lieutenant Brambley, who proceeds to slip into "soldier" mode and empty an assault rifle's magazine... making sure every individual shot hits everything except the man. The Obstructive Bureaucrat promptly pisses himself in fear and immediately stops being Obstructive, letting his workers help prepare the city. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Brambley.
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  • Also, this exchange:
    "Right, there we go." said Perry, "That's the auto-pilot offline. Let's take this for a spin."
    "A spin?" Zerat frowned, confused. "But the Scarab, it does not rotate..."
    "A turn of phrase."
    "Your obsession with revolving concerns me."
    "Well be concerned then."
  • Outlander Elite: "So... does this mean we do not get to sacrifice the human?" Howard: * faints*
  • Perry is talking to Zuka, still uncertain of the intentions that the Elites have towards him, as most of them have been staring at him but not saying anything. Then he finds out why they've been staring - his desperately pulling a combat knife against a Brute Chieftan impressed them.
    Zuka: Challenging it to single combat, with naught but a simple human blade? Your actions bring you much credit. Many of the Sangheili have been keen to speak with you, but deem it improper to seek an audience with such an accomplished warrior without formal introduction.
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  • Perry and Murphy and some ODST have taken out a Scarab by luring it into an oil refinery and blowing it up, but Murphy's Warthog was caught in the inferno. The rest of the group salutes, thinking they've been killed, only for the Warthog to ramp off the dead Scarab and skid to a halt with one of the men on fire. Murphy notices the men still saluting.
    Murphy: Don't just salute me, you shower of gobshites; get over here and help me put Fenton out!

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