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Although this is a heartbreaking game, it still has some funny moments.

  • In the bonus room, Dogma talking about the goddess statue resembling his mother and exposing her age. She is not happy with it.
    Dogma: ...Most of all, our mother isn't nearly as young as that. In her late 40's at the very least-
    Mother: Dogma. I would not recommend any more concrete statement about my age.
    Mother: ...And come to my room later.
    Dogma: ?! E-Er, but...I didn't do anything specifically...
    Mother: It's never good to touch upon the subject a woman's age. And I am also a woman, beyond just being your mother.
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  • In the bonus room, whenever a character asks what Chris is doing behind a wall, instead of admitting he is peeking at Gardenia, he will insist that he's admiring the wall.
  • In the bonus room, Kantera complaining about how he's the only one with horns and wings as they make it hard to sleep, despite there being a bunch of drakens who share the same features as him.
  • Every time a specific male draken gets a little too excited about giving Sacred Hospitality to others.

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