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Despite their reputation as serious progressive rock artists, these three had a few humorous moments too:

  • The entirety of Benny the Bouncer. Everything from the goofy story, the bouncy piano/drum backing, and...just what is going on with Lake's voice?
  • Emerson's antics with the Moog ribbon controller, as seen from 0:41 - 0:51 and 1:33 - 1:51.
  • How about this scrapped opening to an early concert film (starting around :40)? Everything from Lake and Palmer's hilariously over-the-top pretending to be late to Keith Emerson simply wandering around with a coat on his head is giggle-inducing.
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  • Why, pray tell, did the band get together in the first place? According to some stories (including Emerson himself), Greg Lake called him at three a.m. and begged him to play with him after the two had toured together and hit it off.
  • An Emerson, Lake & Powell example this time: this spot on MTV where they appear as video jockeys is quite hilarious.
  • Keith Emerson and Greg Lake toured together in 2010 prior to their last concert at High Voltage. Here, Keith is asked to demonstrate the Moog. Straightforward, eh? Not if Keith's involved! Cue jokes, comments about parrots, and This Is Spın̈al Tap references.
    Greg Lake: You're not honestly going to do this, are you? ...He is...

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