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  • Max talking back to his droid parole officer in a mocking robotic tone, and the robot catching on and citing how it's improper behavior.
    • What sells it is the robot's reaction. It turns its head straight toward Max and asks, "Are you being sarcastic and/or abusive?" There's even a tiny change in its tone, implying that Max actually managed to annoy the thing.
  • Kruger chestbumping one of his squadmates upon gibbing one of Spider's men. Say what you will about Kruger, but he sure knows how to add some much needed hilarity.
    • Doubles as Nightmare Fuel, but his temper tantrum upon being fired by Elysium's council is something that needs to be seen to be believed.
    • Another Kruger classic: (throws an explosive shuriken) "It's just a flesh wound!" (BOOM!!!)
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    • An extended scene of Kruger waking up after having his face reconstructed shows him sharing his thoughts on the results:
    Kruger: Who chooses the fucking hair on these things, man?!
    • Just before he kills Delacourt, Kruger gives us a rather sarcastic apology for the grief he caused for Delacourt.
    Kruger: I'm sorry... that we crashed the vehicle and ruined someone's lawn.
    • Kruger's CCB Profile is briefly visible but he has numerous psychological disorders to the point of parody. He is noted to have schizophrenia, paranoia, antisocial personality, dependent personality, histrionic personality, and anger management issues, in addition to psychopathy, pyromania, and narcissistic personality disorder. It's little wonder they end up betraying their employees For the Evulz.
  • After arriving in Elysium, Drakey and Crowe share some banter as they reconstruct Kruger's blasted face.
    Crowe: Boss got fucked up, eh?
    Drakey: Ate that fuckin' grenade, eh? (chuckles)
    Crowe: (preps the med-bay) Brain's fine, but he's gonna be pissed when he wakes up! Eh?
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  • Spider patting a droid soldier on the arm and telling it "good job" after it defends him from Elysium officials and tells them that it "cannot allow [them] to detain this citizen". In the background, the other droid slaps the gun out of the hands of one of the president's men. Apparently, the guy didn't listen, and the droid took offense to that.
  • Right before that, Spider awkwardly trying to hand various things to a dying Max as he prepares his sacrifice, and instructing him on basic keyboard operation.

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