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  • Parts that particularly stand out are Sam the dog hitch-hiking home... and attracting two hideous guys. He then proceeds to bite one guy's arm. The look on Sam's face is priceless.
  • There's also the fact that Paris Hilton clones Norma and Isabella Carrington get chased by an enormous alligator if you do badly in their scenario. The thing is... they enjoy it.
  • And who can forget Don's "Diaper=Football!"
  • "BULLS." from I Was Born to Love You.
    • Also from that stage, if you fail the second scene: "The tower! It leans!"
  • At the end of the weather stage, pay close attention when the boy says something like "you have a pretty cool mom!". The look on his own Mom's face is priceless.
  • Failing "You're the Inspiration" is not an option, but if there's any point where you can slack off without feeling like a dick, do it at the first part of the song. When Lucy and her mother look through her dad's things, instead of the photo of the two of them, they find a picture of her dad posing in a speedo.
    • The second part is also relatively lighthearted if you mess up - Lucy and her mother bake a cake for her dad, but instead of a gust of wind blowing the candles out, said gust of wind blows the cake into Lucy's face.
    • If you can stomach getting all X's, Lucy's dad returns as he does in the good endings - but the girlfriend Lucy's dad gets for Lucy's teddy is a robotic bear that looks almost comically meancing.
  • "You pay massive damages!"
  • The reactions of the animals when the two stranded Carrington sisters use their assets. Or the plane's.
  • Using your Awesome Baseball Skills to win back the heart of a fan? Eh. Using your Awesome Baseball Skills to defeat the lava-breathing rock golem that has your estranged fan hostage? Hell yes! You bet, kid!
    • Even better, using said Awesome Baseball Skills to whack the kid right in the face. Gotta love it.
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  • Little kid punts big football player Don over a goal post. 'Nuff said.
  • From the "Survivor" stage:
    • A subtle touch: Commander Kahn having a can of peanuts on his desk during his "Agents are GO!" sequence.
    • "OK, gigglers and sniggerers! TASTE THE POWER OF NUTZ!"
    • The top screen being designed to resemble a Light Gun Game.
    • If you are in the red on the second segment: "RELOAD!"
  • The top screen shows the person you're trying to help waving their arms as each segment of a song starts, with more people joining as the song progresses. These segments can get a few laughs in certain songs:
    • In "I Was Born to Love You", Lisa keeps her emotionless look even as everyone else is smiling away.
    • In "The Anthem", the freaking golem joins in, but since it's too big to fit, only its head appears, and its eyes are doing the "waving"!
    • In "ABC", even the butterfly the baby is chasing joins in, waving its entire body in tune!
    • In "Survivor", Jake doesn't ever smile, and waves with his usual pissed-off and serious expression. Only the zombies who join him smile, though they can't wave their arms properly, and instead wave them in front of them as if they were trying to slash you.
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  • If you get an X on the second part of "Canned Heat", Ken accidentally destroys his pants and is mistaken for a streaker.


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