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WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are off on Moments pages. All spoilers are unmarked.

  • In at least one Korean version, during the Bad Ischl scene Lucheni comes on stage at the same time as Franz Joseph fires a rifle, and Lucheni falls over in shock. Then Franz Joseph takes aim again, and Lucheni puts his fingers in his ears.
    • Similar moments also appear in other versions, such as the 2003-2005 Vienna production, which has Lucheni react to Franz Joseph's shot by flinching in shock and then promptly cussing him out in Italian.
    "Stronzo! Ma che cazzo fai?!" ("Asshole! What the fuck are you doing?!")
  • In the Hungarian productions, during "Der letzte Tanz" Death takes the time to pick up a wine glass and tap it against the glass Franz Joseph is holding (and in at least one version, Franz Joseph is only holding a glass because Death handed it to him immediately before this). The randomness of this makes it hilarious.
  • The 2005 Vienna production has Lucheni hesitate in the middle of Franz Joseph's name ("Franz... [Beat] Joseph"), giving the impression that Lucheni forgot the Emperor's name.
    • In the same production, during "Kitsch" Lucheni looks around for the picture of Elisabeth and Rudolf, only to realize it's in his hat. And when he finally holds it up, he's holding it upside down, and has to turn it around when he notices this.
  • A meta example: The libretto, of all things, when it describes Death as looking "like an androgynous popstar".
    • Funnier in the context of Asumi Rio (2014 Takarazuka Death) singing "Yami ga hirogaru" (Die Schatten) with an actual boyband (SMAP) and outstripping them by a mile in both charisma and singing ability.note 
  • When Elisabeth throws her necklace at Death, accidental hilarity may ensue if the actor playing Death fails to catch it.
    • Someone described the flub as "the necklace flying "WHEEEEEE!" like a comet past Mark Seibert's face."
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    • The thrilling Necklace Catch Trilogy, starring Seibert.
  • In a case of Mood Whiplash: Sisi and Franz Joseph had just had their little marital tiff during Elisabeth, mach auf mein Engel. Cut to Death lounging in a chair like he owns the place, with the smuggest expression possible on his face.
    • Franz standing outside of Sisi's door for the entire song. "Sisi? Do you want to build a snowman?" note 
  • Death's utterly deadpan delivery of "If I'm not mistaken, and I never am, this is that certain malady." during Die Maladie.
    • For that matter, the fact Death went to the trouble of dressing up as a doctor just to tell Elisabeth about Franz's cheating. Depending on the actor, viewers might be left with the impression that Death just decided he felt like trolling her.
    • It's one thing when a Death actually puts effort into the "Doctor Seeburger" note  disguise. It's quite another when it's very obviously Death - there's a photo of Oliver Arno as Seeburger without a hat. It just makes Death's crack about never being mistaken all the funnier because of the Dramatic Irony of the audience knowing it's Death saying that line.
  • In some versions of "So wie man plankt und denkt", Ludovika's reaction to Franz choosing Elisabeth is, "Well, one of my daughters will be Empress!" Sophie retorts with, "But the wrong one!"
    • Turns into a Tear Jerker as Sophie is right. Elisabeth is not cut out to be the kind of Empress that would survive imperial court life, unlike Hélène.
  • During "Streit Vater und Sohn" (or "Rudolf, ich bin ausser mir"), there's this little gem that sounds just like any teenager snapping at their dad, "But Mom does it too, that's so unfair!":
    Franz Joseph: You support the Hungarians.
    Rudolf: So does Mama.
  • Rudolf clearly inherited his sass from Sisi.
    Franz Joseph: Be the woman who understands me. Elisabeth!
    Elisabeth: Why don't you go to your mother? You usually prefer her.
    Franz Joseph: Angel?
    Elisabeth: Spare me!
    • Depending on the production, how Franz Joseph delivers the "Angel?" line can be hilarious too. Sometimes he sounds confused, sometimes shocked, and sometimes he says it in a dry exasperated "Angel, this is not how I was expecting this to go..." kind of way.
  • The Hungarian productions add a bit of Mood Whiplash after "Rudolf, wo bist du?". Death has just rejected Elisabeth, she's run off, he's staring after her... and then "Kitsch (Reprise)" begins and Lucheni runs onstage with a collection of Elisabeth-related pictures. Pictures which he then shows to Death, with a ridiculous grin on his face. Depending on the actor, Death may glare at him and immediately walk offstage, or stare at him blankly before leaving.
  • Meta moment: Mark Seibert's last curtain call in Elisabeth Shanghai. Enjoy.
    • After seeing him as either an irresistible seducer or obsessive stalker for the whole show, it may be jarringly funny when Mark whips out his cell phone to film the audience/cast, while beaming and vocalizing his part in Der letzte Tanz. And nodding his head to the beat!
      • The video (corroborated by a picture taken at another angle) shows Mark clearly holding his phone in his face - and yet somehow only part of his face and his V-sign made it into the vid that he posted on his Facebook. Lopsided.
    • In that same vein, Sophie (Daniela Ziegler) and the Rudolfs (Li Xingyang and Thomas Hohler) jamming in the background.
    • The cast trying to wave goodbye to the audience through the descending curtain.
  • For some inexplicable reason, Thomas Borchert's Death spins across the stage during "Der letzte Tanz" like a Magical Girl.
  • In the original production, Lucheni starts to read a newspaper. Then the music of "Jedem gibt er das Seine" interrupts him, and he folds up the newspaper with a hilariously fed-up look.
    • One of the Berlin productions has a similar funny moment at the start of "Jedem gibt er das Seine". Lucheni starts to say "Wir schreiben das Jahr 18..." note  then stops and looks at the newspaper before finishing, "...53".
  • During "Sie passt nicht" in the 2016 Toho production, Lucheni gets caught in the middle of Max and Sophie's argument, and the look on his face is priceless.
  • Backstage at the Toho production with Máté Kamarás:
    • The Wink "Ding!" sound effect for Maya Hakvoort.
    • Maya telling the actor playing baby Rudolf: "Hello, I am your mother."
    • Baby Rudolf and his folding chair, full stop.
  • On the 2012 cast recording for "Jedem gibt er das Seine":
    Franz Joseph: How do you assess the situation... [sounds of paper rustling]
    [A courtier coughs. It sounds suspiciously like "Grünne"].
    Franz Joseph: Count Grünne?
  • A young Sisi and Rudolf playfully mocking adults with the same Eyelid Pull Taunt in the Takarazuka version is both funny and adorable - like mother, like son.
  • Lucheni adlibs at the opening of act 2 in the Takarazuka versions, which has led to some gems.
    • Tsukishiro Kanato (2018)'s Lucheni asking the cameraperson to come closer and make sure he looks handsome.
    • One Lucheni (possibly Otozuki Kei) entered the stage humming "Na na na ~ senshuraku ~" to the tune of Die fröhliche Apokalypse for a senshuraku (closing night) performance.
  • Commentary on a GIF of Zuka Death dramatically taking off his Doctor Seeburger disguise: "Hello, grandma. It's me, Anastasia."
  • Behind the scenes meta funny moment: Asumi Rio (Death), Ranno Hana (Sisi), and Yuzuka Rei (Rudolf/Jula) were late to rehearsal (on the day they were supposed to record rehearsal footage, too) because they were having pancakes for breakfast. note  Death, Sisi, and Rudolf having a little family outing, eh?
    • Mirio ended up gulping down all of her corn fritters and wound up with her mouth stinging (presumably burnt) for the rest of the day.
  • Nozomi Fuuto (2014 Lucheni) talking directly to the camera during the Kitsch segment of rehearsal footage. (She's the only one to do so, as rehearsals are filmed at an angle.) Guess Lucheni's Medium Awareness extends to stuff outside the show...
    • Followed suit by Tsukishiro Kanato (2018 Lucheni) looking straight at the camera and making an incredulous, hilarious face.
  • During the 2019 concert in Vienna:
    • At Bad Ischl, young Sisi (Pia Douwes) steals the conductor's baton and waves it around while he's trying to get it back from her.
    • Franz Joseph (Viktor Gernot) keeps looking back at Sophie for guidance, unsure what to do with the suitors.
    • Lucheni (David Jakobs) waves mockingly to Max and Sisi as they exit after "Wie du".
    • Lucheni slaps one of Frau Wolf's clients on the ass.
    • Death (Mark Seibert) stuffs the necklace that Sisi threw at his face into his doctor's bag and makes a disgruntled face.


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