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  • Elias and Michael Mando (the voice of Vaas in Far Cry 3) are interviewed regarding their work in the game industry. It starts out well enough, but things devolve very quickly. Michael turns out to despise Elias, and then we find out he has a knife that just happened to be planted on him before he got to the interview. Right.
  • The followup video is even worse. Elias starts off by trying to respond to the interviewer, only for Michael to start loudly opening a bag of chips beside him.
    Paula: Michael, maybe you shouldn't be doing that.
    Michael: Doing what?
    Paula: Eating chips while Elias is talking.
    Michael: They're salt and vinegar chips.
    Paula: ...Why does that matter?
    • After Michael produces a knife that was planted on him, Elias is naturally a little unnerved. He then asks how Michael would feel if he brought a knife, to which Michael retorts that Elias is obviously manipulating him now. The Smash Cut to Elias's Facepalm sells it.
    • The interview ends with a Man Hug initiated by Michael... the leadup to which involves Elias nervously looking between the knife Michael is still holding and Michael himself. Michael then proceeds to stab Elias in the neck.
  • The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided E3 Debate is a literal comedy gold mine, played completely straight. Elias is trying to get a glimpse of the new augmentations for Mankind Divided and proceeds to turn his attempts into a verbal boss battle straight out of the series.
    • Elias insists he can see the TITAN because he's signed NDAs. Six of them.
      JJB: But those are, like, the old ones, right?
      Elias: Can I see it?
    • Elias saying that lead art director JJB's name sounds like a "sandwich".
    • JJB snarking that Elias clearly wants to replace him with a "puppet" he can push around.
    • Elias suggesting an umbrella augmentation, followed by a feature where there's an automatic Tweet every time Adam says "I never asked for this".
    • A supervisor for Eidos-Montreal interrupting their argument and telling them to get back to work.
    • Elias trying to force JJB to eat a Cyberboost bar.
      JJB: How many of those have you had?!
      Elias: A lot!
      JJB: I can tell!
    • JJB being convinced to show off the new augmentations by being shown a camera crew handpicked by Elias.
      Elias: "Look at them. They're so cute."
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  • Elias does the Ice Bucket Challenge. With an Adam Jensen action figure.
  • He really didn't want to take his kids to see The Emoji Movie. It didn't work out.
  • The opening of the Canadian Video Game Awards is a sketch entitled "Who The Hell Is Elias Toufexis?" Not only does no one know who he is at all, he has is apparently incapable of changing that.
    • 3_Killa_Bytes claims he just happens to knock on the door minutes before they start recording and invite himself in. Sure enough, there comes a knock at the door, and then...
      Elias: [opens door] You guys recording today?
      [cue collective mental facepalm from the group]
    • His wife, Michelle Boback, is baffled by his naming the "paparazzi" as a side effect of his "fame".

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