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  • Dick's tendency to shout things like "SOLO!" and "STOP ... CONTINUE!" spring to mind.
    • Even funnier when it comes to the latter of those two phrases, the band have a tendency to play "Improper Dancing" up to that part, then play an entirely different song (Usually "(Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone") within what would be the brief silence on the album, then finish "Improper Dancing".
    • In "Riding On The White Train," Dick decides one "SOLO!" isn't enough. So he repeats it during the solo.
  • Switzerland's crowning moment is stealthy and requires looking up the PO box in the lyrics to "I Buy The Drugs:" The mailing address cited lyrically is in Beverly Hills and is almost exactly the same as that of the FOX Broadcasting Co.
    • In the bridge of the same song, the piano goes noticeably more discordant on the line, "Some degree of accuracy".
  • From Zodiac, the song title, Doom And Gloom And Doom And Gloom implies expected musical pessimism...and one of the first things you hear after the music starts is a crowd of people playing vuvuzelas.
  • "Rrrrrrrrrip it! Rrrrrrrrrip it!"
  • In "Showtime", when Dick Valentine tells someone to "Put a little mustard on that mustard!"
  • "Gay Bar," everything about it. The music video with a gay Abraham Lincoln, and the wonderfully absurd lyrics with such subtle lines as, "I've got something to put in you at the gay bar."
  • The Yosemite Sam-esque voice that Dick puts on for "(Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone".
  • "Adam Levine", for how blunt its Take That! at the titular singer is.
  • The "30 second rebuttal from our lord and saviour Jesus Christ" in "I'm The Devil". And the Devil's response.
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  • The end of "Pleasing Interlude I." "The man behind the counter... was the IMPOST-OR!"
  • "Danger! High voltage", the flashing jockstrap and bra, synchronized with the flashing private parts of the moose the two singers are riding.

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