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Funny / Elcenia

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  • Talyn, naturally, christens this page.
    "I need to look nice. Impressing-my-girlfriend's-family-when-they're-predisposed-to-hate-me nice. Help me?"
  • But Kaylo's not far behind.
    [acidly] "Yes, you see, the project being over with would mean I would no longer have to deal with self-righteousness like my motives and their relationship to shren welfare. My spell set will work. I am not in the habit of producing spell sets that do not work. Get Aar Camlenn or that other person who got me all those data sets to check it if you don't believe me. They'll look at it and then they'll say 'Rhysel why did you make me look at this it will obviously cure shrens, Kaylo is a genius'."


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