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  • From episode 1, Leo's underreaction to Anubi and Ramses (both disguised as normal humans) fighting in his living room.
    Leo: Your both crazy! Go take your fight out of my house!
  • In episode 2, when Leo meets Ramses again, this time in his true form.
    Leo: (fails to recognize him) I've never seen you before.
    Ramses: (nonchalant) You threw me out of a window. But aside from that, it was a pleasure meeting you.
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  • From episode 4, poor Leo trying to explain away his Egyxos armor to the people of his hometown.
    Leo: I'm just getting used too, my...Halloween costume.
    Man: But isn't Halloween still a long way off?
  • Episode 7, Leo's irritation with Hyksos acting as his bodyguard.
    Leo: He looks like some kind of Mary Poppins ninja.
  • Episode 9, Astrid driving poor Nakt and Karnak crazy.
  • Episode 11, instead of being terrified, as Leo would expect. The basketball players from earth (whom by the way had recently been mutated into animal-warriors, then changed back to normal) are more irritated than anything else.
    Raccoon Player: I'd say it's about time you told us what was going on!
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  • In episode 12, as Exaton goes into his explanation on what the creatures are that are attacking them. Leo actually takes a moment to roll his eyes and think:
    "Oh no. I've got to listen to another boring lecture. Just like in school."
  • Episode 14, Leo's general irritation with his brother and sister.
    Toby: Leo, you there?
    Leo: (annoyed, speaks in monotone) No, what you see is a robot built to do my homework instead of me.
    Seth: (chases after Goliath) Come here you beast! Give me back my shoe now!
  • Episode 15, the bizarre four-eyed lizard creature that eats Leo's basketball upon meeting him.
  • The Brick Joke at the end of episode 16 with poor Thoth. After the day is saved, the poor guy is still trapped in the sarcophagus where Leo and Bes left him.
    Thoth: Let me out! Is anyone there? Any one...?
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  • Episode 19, while Horus crush on Bastet is charming. The fact that it's Kefer who teases him about it funny.
    Horus: (happy) She smiled at me!
    Kefer: Come on, Heartbreaker.
  • Near the end of episode 25, Kefer and Leo's warning to Exaton.
    Kefer: Remember brother: He who sows fire, only reaps ashes.

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