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Funny / Ed Eddn Eddy The Other Series

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  • The fourth episode in general, some moments include:
    • After Ed sees that movie is for Adults only.
    Ed: Aw, man! I'm not tall or hairy enough to pass as an adult.
    Edd: Don't worry, Ed. We'll just download it illegally off the internet like everyone else.
    Ed: Yeah, but someone's head's always in the way.
  • In the sixth episode, when Eddy is woken up by Rolf cutting the grass:
    Eddy: Aaah! Earthquake! Somebody get me a seismograph!
    • After Eddy sees that Rolf is using his tractor to cut his grass.
    Eddy: Rolf! Hey! I'm trying to sleep here you dumb mother- (drowned out by the tractor)
    Rolf: Good morning, Eddy. Your parents paid me to cut the grass. Don't worry, I'll be done in three hours.
    • When the newspaper machine goes haywire:
    Edd: Quick, get in my hat! It's bulletproof! (he and Eddy hide under the hat)
    Ed: (riding the out of control machine) Eddy! Stop this crazy thing!
  • The eighth episode. All of it.
    • Ed breaking into Jimmy's room:
    Jimmy: Oh, gross! Who forgot to flush the toilet? Kevin James, is that you?
    • Double D and Eddy finding the trail of food:
    Edd: Geez, it's like a food tsunami hit this alley.
    Eddy: Ha ha! Oh man! (runs over to the empty box of bran muffins) Look at all the bran muffins he ate.
    Edd: He's gonna be feeling that in the morning.
    Eddy: Ha! Good one.
    • "Wake up, Ed! I'm calling the police, and I need you to stay here to be arrested!"
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    • Ed looking at his Balloon Belly is too perfect:
    Ed: Holy crap! Guys, I'm pregnant! Quick, help me find the father!

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