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Even a story as dark as Echoes can be at times can have moments that make you laugh.

  • Susanoo: "You know what? F-ck the negotiations! Shinra Tensei!"
  • Whenever someone tries to use summoning without being informed beforehand on how summoning doesn't work cross-worlds.
  • In the Wave-Verse, Sasuke finds out Sakura has a crush on Naruto, and says he'll help her.
    Sakura: Really? How?
    Sasuke: It's a secret.
    Sasuke: (to Naruto) Sakura has a crush on you.
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  • Kazama teasing Haku and Naruko about being lesbians (they're not), which mortifies them.
  • Chibaku going Gollum when he reads Icha Icha to "induct himself as a pervert." Later, when he lies to Sasori about him stealing a bra to be a stealth test, and him finding out Sasori knew he was a pervert the entire time.
  • The argument over what to name the Arashi Clan. Other suggestions included the Momochi clan, the Naruko clan, The Kyuubi clan, the Hatake clan, and the Sasori clan. At the end, Haku snaps "Oh please, shut the hell u-" and is teleported offworld before she finishes.
  • Chibaku whenever someone finds out about his not-so-secret Porn Stash.
  • Sasori actually losing his cool upon encountering the Pervert!Naruto's Harem Jutsu.
  • Izanami trolling Kazama.
  • Manda and Good!Orochimaru made a bet as to whether or not Manda would be used as a shield twice within a month. Manda won the bet.
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  • Fukuro giving Naruko an Icha Icha book as his version of the 'birds and the bees.'
  • The Sasuke from Kazama's world finding out about Izanami (Who is his mother in another world) and Kazama having sex. He goes into shock for a while, then screams "NARUTO!!!!" and tries to kill him with a Chidori. For bonus points, he finds out when Naruko has a Freak Out! after finding out Kazama had sex with Izanami, which horrifies the poor girl.
  • In the Alive!Yodaime world, Yugito talking to Matatabi is definitely this.
  • The omakes.
  • Kazama talking with Yugito about Izanami's offer
    Kazama: "First, I would like to... apologize for Izanami's behavior. She's... often strange... sometimes... Most of the time."
  • The "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life" Omake. That is all.

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