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  • The goblin advisor is a costant source of amusement, expecially when he breaks the fourth wall.
    (after the latest Shout-Out) " Now I'd better stop doing this before somebody sue us..."
  • The fight and exchanges between Marthas and Volbar in the first level of Avernum.
    Volbar:"Die, you wretched creature!!"
    Marthas:"Hey, who are you calling creature? I'm a man just like you!"
    Volbar:"Well then... ehm... Die, you wretched... thing!"

Dungeons 2

  • Intentionally contradicting the narrator can have hilarious results, such as during the tutorial when the narrator says that the Ultimate Evil "Didn't hesitate one nano-second" to crush the Alliance. If you delay for a bit, the narrator has to correct himself with annoyance and say that the Ultimate Evil is cautiously but confidently surveying the situation.
  • The narrator's inability to pronounce Galadruul's name properly, and getting annoyed that the script can't figure out if she's a "Mage-ess" or "Mage-ette."
  • If you delay from completing your objectives, the narrator gets increasingly frustrated, calling you things like "The Indolent Evil" or "The Sits-On-Its-Hands Evil" and comments that you're more interested in shoving your fingers up your nose than getting on with the game.
  • Most of the parody references are good for a laugh, including the nobles you have to slaughter in the penultimate mission of the second game, most of whom are shameless Game of Thrones rip-offs but who also include a Karl Franz expy, whom the narrator admonishes for trying to "sneak into the wrong fantasy franchise."
  • The intro to the Game of Winter DLC, aside from poking fun at Game of Thrones, features a white-haired man in leather armor and too many belts steadfastly ignoring the rampaging monsters, as well as a pair of penguins, one wearing the outfit of the Night's Watch while the other has a distinct horned helmet.
    • The intro describes the Night Watch as being celibate "just to mess with each other." Then it shows one member of the Night Watch quietly sipping a mug of coffee with a heart on it.
  • The very first scene with Barthas has Meltysands ask him if he's a virgin. He replies that no, he's a Sagittarius.
  • When Malakey once again contacts Barthas while he's searching the north for his uncle, the narrator gets exasperated.
    Narrator: Where does that wizard keep coming from? The moon?!
  • When Barthas gets ambushed by the undead:
    Narrator: Suddenly, Barthas was ambushed by the undead! Weren't expecting that, were you?
  • Barthas and the narrator getting annoyed if you keep getting him killed. The narrator comments that while Barthas will come back, his hair care products are painfully expensive to replace. Barthas also gets so angry he starts acting less like John Snow and more like The Hound.
    Barthas: I can't die anymore, but I can still feel pain. So knock that shit off, or I'll fuckin' chin ya!
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  • The Flavor Text on most of the research is hilarious, because it mostly involves pointing out the incredibly obvious to your minions, like how to stack boxes, or threatening ot beat them if they don't work faster. The "Forgotten on Speed" upgrade mentions giving your Forgotten Ones drugs, but because they're undead, it doesn't impress them much, so you just resort to threatening them.
  • The Undead's version of a research room is a giant lab where zombies just randomly push buttons to see what happens to each other.
  • To recover morale, the Horde drinks beer, the Demons get false admiration, and the Undead... splash around in pools like children.

Dungeons 3

  • The introduction cutscene includes a shot of the Prime Evil sitting on his throne, completely bored while eating a unicorn kebab. Then, when it decides to start working in its lab, we see a poster of a succubus cheerleader on the wall behind it.
  • Thalya's Good and Evil sides constantly bickering, especially because Good!Thalya is usually advocating peaceful solutions like everyone sitting down and talking about their feelings while Evil!Thalya goes into full-on puppy-kicking evil violence.
  • In the second mission, the captain of the Twistram watch notices that half the town is on fire and a dungeon has appeared, and promptly orders his men to attack it in small, weak waves, like proper heroes are supposed to.
  • Thalya tries edging in on the Narrator's role, and he responds by suddenly saying she's being attacked by bears, and a horde of bears attack.
  • When Tanos first shows up and makes a heroic speech to try to get Thalya to come back to his side, the Narrator abruptly cuts him off by unplugging his microphone.
    • Fridge Brilliance here: Right before Tanos got cut off, he was attempting to persuade Thalya into listening to her good side instead of the one who she was following right now. Now, who, with proper voice acting, was she listening to since the moment she turned to evil? And who cut Tanos off before he could say another word, again? The Narrator. Tanos was about to insult the Narrator.
  • Tanos later complains that he had to save and reload a whole bunch of times before he managed to seal the demons behind the Gehenna Stones.
  • After defeating Grimli, the cutscene shows Tanos engaging in a dramatic Skyward Scream, "as all overly-emotional heroes tend to do." Then the camera pans out to show Grimli, except unlike the highly-detailed Tanos, he's drawn cartoony-style with X'd-out eyes and his tongue sticking out. It's even funnier when Yaina dies, as Tanos does the same thing, only there's not much left of her so instead there's an Orc holding a cardboard sign with a cartoony version of her scribbled on it.
    • When Yaina is listening to the Narrator after her death, she awakens enough to do an Aside Glance, her eyes roll into a You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! look when she hears the Narrator's nonsensical words—and he admits it didn't sound right when the script is translated by folks using Google Translate. It Makes Sense in Context as this game as done by a German company and translated into English, though.
  • When Thalya and her army set sail for Dollaran, one goblin is shown seasick, and an Orc is playing on his phone rather than being stoic and serious like the rest of the cast until the Narrator yells at him. Later, when they arrive at Dollaran, Thalya and her army are shown casually walking around the city and taking pictures. YMMV if she's doing recon because the Narrator says Thalya knew she couldn't take Yaina on head-to-head right then, or trying to fit in so they don't alert Yaina too soon.
  • Yaina Overproud spends the entire mission where she is in a Beam-O-War with Thalya making Sailor Moon references.
  • When summoning the Pit Fiend, you get side objectives to sacrifice different kinds of heroes in the Hellmouth for demons. You can also sacrifice Snots to the Hellmouth, which doesn't seem to get any reaction from the demons, but the rest of the Snots inexplicably start working a whole lot harder.
  • Both sides of Thalya being confused when the Narrator mentions that the almighty Pit Fiend is actually named Crowley. The next mission also displays his health bar in huge letters at the top of the screen like he's some epic boss.
  • In the Clash of Gods DLC, The Narrator decides to play a little Wild Card since in his words, the characters were all boring in the main game. When Thalya calls him pointless because of it, he spawns a whole bunch of spiders on her squad, stating that it has absolutely nothing to do with his low pay, low self-esteem, and lack of coffee.
    • Later on, when (originally good) neutral Thalya annoys them, The Narrator causes a dormant volcano to erupt, making evil Thalya insult him and call him 'Narrator dork'. The indignation in his response alone is a gem, but the two's bickering continues throughout the entire chapter, meeting its climax at the end of it when Thalya reaches the artifact, only for the Narrator to flood the dungeon with lava, along with most of the landscape. Even neutral Thalya is unamused, and demands evil Thalya to apologize to him, which she begrudgingly does.
  • In the final scenario, the defeated Goddess explodes... in a shower of blood and gore so big it covers the entire screen. Cue to a bored-looking Thalya covered in blood and entrails as a Goblin behind her carefully offers a handkerchief. We also see the Absolute Evil sitting on the divine Throne, surrounded by Little Snots dressed as cherubims, right before he fishes a quiver full of unused divine lightnings from behind the throne and use them to randomly fry the big bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood and a random deer. For the Evulz.
  • The final scenario of the Once Upon a Fairy Tale DLC has the Absolute Evil using.... explosive sheep to destroy the forces of the Fairy Godmother, complete with the Narrator hamming up the description when they explode int heroes and referring to the Prime Evil as the "Haggis-loving Evil".
  • The entire DLC Evil of the Caribbean, in which Thalya's attempts to get a vacation and a little sunbathing are costantly ruined by the Absolute Evil's tasks, which include:
    • Have her smuggle some local Rum to his personal pirate ship, which causes the angry natives to run at the Dungeon with murderous intent.
    • Deal with the pirate captain Salazar, who claims the Absolute Evil owns him 100 doubloons lost at poker. After decimating his crew, the pirate acknowledge that maybe he only owned him 1 doubloon... which the Prime Evil still refuses to pay, which forces Thalya to settle the debt so that she can have her holiday.
    • Deal with a monstrous, gigantic Kraken... because he taunted the local equivalent of Cthulhu too much.

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