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  • When Reinhart tells you that he 'respectfully declined' going to the Montebarron estate because it was such an obvious trap, then apologizes for insulting you.
  • In the single-player campaign, right before getting into the Droog village there is a dwarven mercenary you can recruit. Naturally, he takes not being recruited as an insult to his honor and he comes across as being a jerk... which makes it that much more hilarious when a single monster in the area knocks him out because he doesn't have any equipped weapons!
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  • Ross from Accursed Farms posits an alternate story. You're minding your own business, living as a simple farmer when your farm is attacked! This has happened too many times before - enough is enough, so you take up your pitchfork and slaughter everything in your path until this stops happening and you can get back to work. Your conquest across Ehb is just you wanting to be really thorough.