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  • Duncan's sex dream with Wonder Woman keeps getting interrupted by his parents. When he gets back to it, she is kissing Batman instead.
    Batman: I'm an orphan. Let me have this.
  • On his first time driving, Duncan almost hits the Popemobile.
  • Duncan wonders why Annie and her book club need a designated driver. Cue the Answer Cut of Annie and her friends drunkenly singing “I Touch Myself” off-key and Duncan looking horrified to be driving them. One of them (said by Annie to be divorcee) tries to hit on him.
  • Duncan bemoans that there are no fun places in town to drive to. Camera zooms out the window to an amusement park, the words Fun Place in large letters on the overlooking hills.
  • Duncan narrowly avoids crashing the car into Ol' Oakie, only for the tree to topple over when the car door lightly taps it.
  • Annie reads a book titled Seven Habits of Highly Disappointing Teenagers.
  • To make up for having destroyed Ol' Oakie, Duncan and his friends drag a large part of the trunk inside the house. To show that they saved the part where Annie and Jack carved their initials, they turn the trunk around, which knocks things all over. And to cap it off, the trunk is infested with cicadas.

     Red Head Redemption 
  • Annie having to crawl her way through all of Jack's tour memorabilia in the garage.
  • Jack and Annie squeezing their way into the bleacher to watch Duncan and Kimberly compete.
  • The end implies that Alice Cooper accidentally killed Jack with his guillotine. We hear the guillotine drop from outside the house, and Jack's talking abruptly cut off. Followed by Cooper running to his car and speeding away.

     Undercova Mutha 
  • Outside Duncan’s school, there’s a sign that reads “Spelling Bee Thersday”
  • When Duncan and Annie are staking out the docks, they pass by crates labeled drugs, guns, and plastic straws.
    • A man on the docks is selling elephant tusks like they were hot dogs at a ballpark. A guy walks up and asks for four.
  • Jack makes "Cheesearoni" for dinner, which is just throwing whatever Kimberly and Jing want on a pot and stewing it. All three end up sick.
    • There are only two bathrooms on the house, so Jack has to fight the girls for them. Jing is the one left out and has to poop on the hallway.

     Witch Day 
  • One older woman puts a pair of witches feet by her front porch (reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz). She then promptly downs a glass of wine, falls into her bushes with only her legs and feet poking out.
  • Duncan’s Witch Day confession: “I flunked Inglex” note 
  • Jack and Annie “exiting coolly” by snuggling Mrs. Martin’s frozen chili stuffed in Annie’s bra or stuck on Jack’s tongue.

“I can’t believe I almost wore the same mass produced shirt as someone else!”

     Sister, Wife 
  • Jack and Annie trying to celebrate their anniversary with a hot tub, movie night, and sexy dice with failed results.
    • The hot tub is in a hardware store. The employee kicking them out tells them there are no anniversary celebration allowed on the store.
    • The moment the movie starts, Annie and Jack fall asleep and snore so loudly the ushers have to carry them out.
    • The sexy dice keep falling on "suck" and "hair". The second time Jack rolls them, they fly into his mouth.
  • Jack keeps forgetting about Kimberly, even locking her in the car twice.
  • Any scene in the '80s club involving ALF.
  • The bartender at the club is "every strict dad in an eighties movie ever".
  • Kimberly can't even get kidnapped by Pennywise.
  • At the 1980s nostalgia bar, Annie does a Bill Cosby impression after being offered a Jell-O shot. Everyone gasps at her, but ALF tells her it's okay to do his voice, since he was still beloved back in the 1980s.

     Jack’s Pipe Dream 
  • Annie telling Jack to take a break for the day calling it "Jack's Off Day".
  • Jing trying to eat breakfast with her fencing mask on.
  • Jack somehow keep getting mistaken for trash and taken away by the garbage truck.
  • Jing asking if "Daddy's brain is broken"
  • Kimberly finding out that her character in the rock opera is pregnant with Duncan's character
    Annie: Jack! Kimberly cannot be carrying Duncan's baby.
  • Annie and the kids pretending to be jackets which consists of them staying still with their elbows raised
    Jing: We're jackets.
  • Duncan's friends asks for free food from Mia and gives them the ones from the rejected pile.
  • After finding out that his rock opera only ended up making his former rival Bobby Bastille even more famous, Jack happily exclaims that he met someone before they became a celebrity.

     Judge Annie 
  • Annie imitating the sound of a police siren.
  • Duncan and Kimberly are motivated to jump into the lake after they’re approached by a fawn.

     Free Range Children 
  • The neighbor Helen Diggin's response after being asked to babysit the kids.
    Helen: I'll watch the cute one, the girls can sleep in the yard.
  • Duncan turning out to be correct at his guess of Hector the Detector being at Burning Man despite wearing ski attire.
  • Annie reveals that Duncan is afraid of the sound that velcro straps makes.
  • Duncan managing to burn the house again without Jack and Annie noticing
    Duncan: Mom, Dad I have something to tell you but you have to promise not to be mad.
    Jing (with one of her pigtails on fire): I wouldn't make that promise.
  • The flashback to the one day the Harris family gives up sugar. It was during Halloween.
  • Annie spying on Duncan buying underwear and getting arrested by a cop who thinks she's a pervert who likes teenaged boys.

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