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  • The narration in the duels often provides these, in general. Stand-outs include:
    • "Joey's monster had 500 attack points. Peko's had 1100. The results were obvious."
    • "Celeste's monster attacked with a screeching charge, but Joey smirked as his face-down monster was revealed to be Fiber Jar. The look of surprise on Celeste's face was worthy of posting on social media."
    • "Kaiba's mouth made all sorts of weird movements, like it was trying to crack a smile, but his brooding personality rejected the very idea."
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    • Practically all of Chapter 56 has this in regards to the duel between Yugi and Kaiba which certainly adds a lot more flavor to a duel that was left about 99% unchanged.
  • Ibuki. Just...Ibuki in general. The girl is practically comedy gold whenever she's in the scene.
  • Byakuya and Marik's horrified reactions when Nagito compliments them are a sight to see:
    Byakuya: (thinking) Why does his approval fill me with such disgust?
    Marik: What? No! I'm nothing like you!
  • While Mikan is already a nervous wreck, there's something adorably hilarious whenever her already fragile composure getting even worse around Kaiba, to the point that Chiaki asks if Mikan has a crush on him.

Battle City Arc

  • Chapter 14:
    • Joey declares that he doesn't need his Red-Eyes Black Dragon to be a true duelist. Ibuki asks if a true duelist walks around with their fly open. Joey promptly, and embarrassingly zips up his pants.
  • Chapter 16:
  • Chapter 19:
    Byakuya: Bigger...are you saying you thought I was fat?
    Nagito: You said it, not me.
    Byakuya: What drivel! Who's been spreading a rumor about me? I demand names!
    Nagito: Huh? N-no, you've got it all wrong. No one's said anything. It's just...I can't shake this weird feeling that I've seen you before...except 100 pounds heavier.
    Byakuya: I don't know where you got such a ridiculous notion from, but I demand you cast it into whatever vile pits of hell it came from. I, Byakuya Togami, am perfect in every way right down to my white and red blood cell count and 150 pounds of lean muscle. Me. Fat. The nerve of some people.
  • Chapter 20:
    Ibuki: It's like the Kobayashi Maru! No matter what he does it's a no-win scenario! Joey! You should've just blown it up when you had the chance, now you're against an adaptive A.I that'll counter your every move until you and your crew are completely dead and floating adrift in space like frozen dessert treats!
  • Chapter 21:
    • You know that Rare Hunter that's been tailing Nagito all this time and suffering a case of Amusing Injuries? His name is Steve.
  • Chapter 26:
    • Byakuya's training under Solomon Muto continues with Tristan being his sparring partner. Of course this being Tristan, he promptly gets his ass handed to him by the Togami heir not once, not twice, but twenty-five freaking times in a row. Epic Fail is isn't enough to describe the absurdity.
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    • Ibuki makes a comment about invisible guns that's presumably a dig at 4kids' censorship when she asks what's the worst the Rare Hunters could do to Akane and Nekomaru beating the snot out of them.
  • Chapter 33:
    • Byakuya tells Joey and Mai about his absence from Nagito's duel with Odion. When confronted by the fact that he's a minor, his response? "I am Byakuya Togami."
    • Later in that same chapter though it amounts to nothing in the long run, Sonia making Yami Marik fraught with fear by her ability to read Ancient Egyptian, is truly a sight to behold. Not even the canonical tirade he goes on, begging regular Marik not to get rid of him measures up.
  • Chapter 34:
    • Gundham summons the Four Dark Devas of Destruction, which is evidence that he's getting serious during a duel, or that he notes his foe as a Worthy Opponent. However, since he just called for four fuzzy, adorable hamsters, the reactions of the audience get quite...amusing. Most notably is Komaru having a case of Cuteness Proximity and Kaiba about ready to break into an epileptic fit because Gundham brought unauthorized cargo onto his precious, clean blimp. Oh, and Gundham's insistence that they're demons and not, you know, hamsters. Poor Kaiba.
  • Chapter 35:
    • Kaiba's reaction to finding out Ishizu is dueling Makoto instead of him.
    • Makoto activates Graceful Charity. As he is about to discard his two cards, fierce winds start blowing behind his back pushing his hood towards his face blinding him in the process. And in his panic to get his hood off, he ends up tripping over his shoelaces and tumbles to the ground. It's so absurd it leaves everyone dumbfounded and even Marik could not help but laugh.
      • And that's not all of it: Upon getting up, Makoto discards his two cards without even thinking or looking at them. Then as he is about to activate Swords of Revealing Light, he finds the card absent from his hand then realizes that he ended up discarding it by accident! Cue several Big WHATs from everyone watching his duel.
  • Chapter 36:
    • In his duel with Hajime, Espa is wary about his facedown monster, and briefly wishes he had Jinzo #2, which could negate its possible effect. He ultimately has no choice but to attack, revealing Cyber Jar. Espa is furiously frustrated when the first card he draws thanks to its effect happens to be the very monster he was wishing for.
  • Chapter 37:
    • Kaiba and Chiaki have some great chemistry on screen together throughout their duel, leading to several gems:
      • Kaiba attacks Chiaki's Set monster only for it to be Gear Golem the Moving Fortress:
    Chiaki: Good job, Gear Golem!
    Kaiba: It can't hear you.
    Chiaki: (completely serious) You don't know that.
    • Kaiba's dramatic reactions whenever his Blue-Eyes is destroyed. He's described as watching in "emotional agony" once, and about to blow a gasket another time.
    Kaiba (thinking): She favorite most PRIZED POSSESSION with a WEAK! MEASLY! BUG!''
    • Then there's him having to recite to himself it's just how the game is played! over and over whenever Chiaki makes a move that puts him in a bad position during their duel.

Virtual World Arc

  • Chapter 39:
    • Upon being sent to the virtual world, a good number of the characters start snarking at Kaiba and his Blue-Eyes White Dragon's expenses, so much that Kaiba eventually snaps and tells everyone that the next one to do so risks getting stranded and finding a way back home themeselves.
  • Chapter 43:
    • The whole chapter, just...all of it. It's Kaiba vs. Monokuma and the banter has to be seen to be believed: The chapter breaks the fourth wall multiple times, is Reference Overdosed to the point of ridiculousness, and has such sass, wit, and charm to it that it's probably the crowning achievement for the whole story thus far.
  • Chapter 45:
    • Tristan continues his Epic Fail streak by dueling like an amateur against Miho, the duel ends with him losing in just three turns.
  • Chapter 48:
    • Amidst the awesome and heartwarming moments that are Makoto beating Noah and Kaiba giving him an affectionate gesture, the narration drops this gem the moment Makoto starts preaching about friendship to Noah:
    Narration: Hearing something so sickeningly sweet, part of Kaiba regretted giving Makoto that head pat.
  • Chapter 49:
    • Mahiru dragging Noah by his ear back to the Virtual World like the spoiled, misbehaving child he actually is, also doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Mahiru for not putting up with Noah's crap.

Battle City Finals

  • Chapter 51:
    • The whole scene between Kaiba, Chihiro, and the now floating, disembodied head of Noah via Chihiro's laptop. Said scene ends with Noah being chased by a Pac-Man shaped Blue-Eyes in a manner that almost makes Kaiba erupt into childish laughter.
  • Chapter 52:
    • Komaru noting how very much alike her brother and Nagito are.
    • It seems that being stuck in the Virtual World has made Chiaki forget that she still has an injured leg in the real world as seen when after Hajime defeats Nagito, Chiaki practically jumps in joy only to stop when her leg acts up on her causing her great pain and requiring Mikan to rush to her assistance.
  • Chapter 56:
    • Arguably the entire chapter itself qualifies. With the duel between Yugi and Kaiba was left totally unchanged from canon (besides one minor detail involving Red-Eyes), the real highlight of the duel is reading how the Danganronpa cast and the other characters comment and react to just about everything that happens in the duel as if this was an MST3K work. The chapter is chuck full of wit, snark, popcorn passing, spoofing and frequent lampshade hangings on just what makes the English dub dialogue between Yugi and Kaiba, and the absurd length of their duel that it is undoubtedly this fic's crowning achievement in terms of humour that even surpasses that of Chapter 43. It's just one big chapter of [actual 4kids "dialogue"] on a grand scale, and it's magnificent.
  • Chapter 58:
    • When Yugi summons Osiris the Sky Dragon, Ibuki grabs a hold of one of its spikes and promptly pulls herself onto its back as she moves along with it with the utmost of joy. That's right: One of the all-powerful Egyptian God Cards is being treated as one big amusement park ride! This results in Tristan questioning just how Ibuki is doing this, Joey telling him not to question her logic, and Kaiba to call her out for having no sense of shame for her actions. Yugi and Hajime on the other hand, just decide to move on with the rest of the duel as if nothing just happened.

Orichalcos Arc

  • Chapter 73
    • Some people have noted that, despite not liking the character]], Junko's commentary throughout the duel between Yami and Rafael brought no shortage of amusement.
  • Chapter 79
    • Much like in canon, Kaiba's Big "WHAT?!" over hearing about Yami's loss to Rafael warrants a good laugh.
    • Amidst all the dark and intense scenery, at one point Junko drops an expletive causing Kaiba of all people telling her to watch her language in front of his brother.

Canada Nationals

  • Chapter 87
    • In order to sneak Joey past the guards into the casinos (keep in mind that both of them are under-aged), Celeste presents him a Byakuya's younger brother then makes up quite the sob story at Joey's expense.

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