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  • Fred standing up to Kim, saying that she's insane compared to the other control freaks he's worked for before. His last job was working for God, by the way.
  • Back in the first season, Fred's initial attempts to gain Stacy's attention all come from studying movies in order to figure out how to win the girl. Hilarity Ensues. Especially entertaining is his attempt to use a boombox, which quickly self-destructs and Stacy is oblivious to the entire event.
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  • In the sixth season, Owen's brother, Charlie, tricks him into helping on a case that can bilk a governor out of money for risqué photos. Owen comes to Jane to explain how it happened when Charlie enters from a date with Stacy, the two women stunned to learn they're brothers.
    Stacy: Oh, God, I just made out with my baby's uncle.
    Owen and Jane: Oooooh.
    Charlie: Wait, you have a baby?
    Stacy: I'm pregnant and Owen is the father.
    Charlie: Whoa, maybe you should have told me you had a baby on board before I bought you dinner.
    Jane: Maybe you should have told my best friend you were a con artist before you asked her out.
    Stacy: Oh, you're his brother and you're a con artist?!


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