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  • Driver: San Francisco has a ton of hilarious conversations when you shift into someone else's car. It would take far too long to list them all, though Tanner scaring a driver's ed instructor shitless (literally) is one of the highlights.
  • Driving lessons with Tanner!
    Passenger (seeing Tanner driving on the sidewalk): And this won't mean a fail in a test?
    Passenger: And this is safe, yes?
    Tanner: Of course. Look: No cars!

    Tanner (after wrecking the car): "Now the most important thing is to get out of the car before it explodes.
    Passenger: "Get out of the car... Before it explodes..." Got it! Tha—- *Boom*

    Passenger (upon seeing a drift): You know, I always thought the handbrake was there for parking.
    Tanner: Eh, common misconception.
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  • In one mission, Tanner has to shift into a car low enough to drive under a truck so he can defuse a bomb under it.
    Tanner: Hey, remember when I said I always wanted to drive under a truck?
    Passenger: Uh... no?
    Tanner: That's okay. I don't, either!
  • Tanner doesn't like comic book geeks.
    Passenger: Your mom didn't want to get a ding on the car! She's going to be so disappointed.
    Tanner: I'm a middle-aged comic geek living with my mother. She's used to disappointment.
  • How about a collection of funny moments?
  • The Talk Like a Pirate car.
  • One passenger is a New Age mystic "positivity engineer" in the vein of The Secret. Some of the first words out of her mouth are "inner turmoil-monkey" and it only gets better from there, particularly when Tanner snarks back.
    Passenger: My inner dolphin is sending you good vibrations!
    Tanner: Mine's giving you the finger.
  • Really, the passengers that Tanner responds to are darn amusing, be it needing them to complete a Dare or happening to shift into the car to take for a spin. Including:
    • A passenger who dared Tanner ten dollars that she couldn't be scared and acts completely deadpan at everything you do.
    • A cop who's going through a sexual identity crisis while Tanner does his best to tune her(?) out.
    • A "reporter" in a taxi who narrates every action with dramatic and cliche exaggeration which annoys Tanner.
    • Shifting into a truck or other heavy vehicle with the passenger remarking it's "insurance scam Friday". If you didn't have a reason to crash into everything, you do now!
    • Finding Winona Clash, a trashy modern rock star that Tanner only half-liked one of her albums.
    • You can find a, according to Tanner, "beautiful" car whose passenger is a thug that needs to whack someone to cover the cost for it. "Beautiful" is in quotation because sometimes the car in question might be a 1968 Fiat Abarth 595 or something similarly vintage and unremarkable.

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