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  • ฺBasically every single line Ron Perlman has. The man is a treasure and this film is a prime example.
    “That is one motherfucking fine-ass pussy mobile, motherfucker!”
    “What fucking family? The family who still calls me a fuckin' kike? TO MY FACE! Yo' I'm 59 years old Bernie, they still pinch my cheek like I'm some fuckin' kid!”


  • Everything related to pizza.
    • One of the last prank The Driver pulled on Benny is to grab very single pizza shop leaflet in the vicinity, circled "FREE DELIVERY" then shoved them all in his mailbox.
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    • A pizza got served on Nino's dead body.


  • After Ivy convinces Wendy to let her team up with her instead of killing her, Wendy and Ivy hop into the van, and after a long pause, Wendy remarks "I think I should have shot you." Cue the Gilligan Cut to Ivy's former team mates, which now has four flat tires instead of just the one Wendy put in it.


  • Cuddow has an idea for getting the Machito safely through 10,000 enemy ships and do some damage along the way.
    Cuddow: So here's my thought: we fly inside the rings of that Moebius heavy cruiser and engage our drive right as we pass through.
    Taneel: Engaging a drive inside a drive? Is that safe?
    Cuddow: N... No. Not for both ships involved. But... I thought that was the point? LOOK... I'M NEW AT "WAR".


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