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  • In episode 2, we see some of Seth's past work as a facilitator. In one drama, he poses as a construction worker to direct Seo-yeon's character into Joon's character's path. In another, he swaps their bags at a train station so they'll meet. In the third, a period drama called An Arrow Through My Heart, he robs Seo-yeon so Joon will catch him - and he gets Shot in the Ass by an arrow.
  • In episode 4, we are introduced to another recurring trope in Dramaworld, drunken piggybacks, when Joon and Claire are walking down a street and a strange drunken girl, coming out of nowhere, gets on Joon's back and he starts carrying her. What's makes it so funny is 1) even though he carries her, he doesn't break his stride to pick her up or even stop or turn to acknowledge her presence, and 2) when Claire points it out, he just thinks nothing of it.
  • Episode 7:
    • While looking for Seo-yeon, Claire meets her friend, Seung-woo, and stops to look at him for a minute. She figures that he isn't the killer of Mr. Park - because he's too minor a character.
    • Claire getting her makeup done at a department store through a raging storm of Product Placement for Korean makeup brands. At one point, the beautician is about to apply some whitener emulsion - but then realizes that Claire is white and doesn't need it.
      Claire: Oh, thank God for product placement!
  • In episode 9, after finding out that his life is a TV show, Joon has this reflection on it:
    Joon: I'm a television character. And kind of a jerk.
    Claire: Yeah, but like, the total fan favorite.

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