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Funny / Dragons Rioting

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Chapter 1

  • Rintarou believing that Nangokuren is an all boys high school simply because it had a male sounding name.
  • After Ayane sees Rintarou's skills and begs for him to make her his apprentice, she shows off some nice cleavage which makes Rintarou perform some impressive athletic flips to avoid seeing it. The funny part? Ayane believes he's already giving her lessons.
Chapter 2
  • Rintarou doing everything he possibly can to avoid having contact with Ayane or any of the girls. What really sells it is most men would be wishing these things would happen to them while the person who doesn't want it to happen gets it all.
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  • Just this.
  • Rintarou trying to use reverse psychology on Ayane to make her too embarrassed to want to be his disciple. She then not only proves him wrong by scrubbing his back, but also makes his situation worse as she now thinks this is the minimum of what's expected of their relationship. Ouch.
  • Ayane gets a good look at Rintarou's "eel". Her reaction says it all.
Chapter 3
  • Looks like Rintarou and Spider-man are well acquainted.
  • After getting caught peeping, one of Rintarou's friends try's to bail them out from being mauled by angry girls by telling them that Rintarou is Ayane's master so they should watch who they talk to. Naturally, it doesn't work.
  • Rintarou dodging the attacks from the Twin sisters and his friends end up receiving the hit.
Chapter 5
  • Ayane continuously glaring at Rintarou to get him to train her. He gives.
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  • Rintarou sees Ayane's panties while she's climbing a tall rock and he scales the rock in mere seconds trying to avoid it.
    Ayane: W-Whoa...
Chapter 6Chapter 25Chapter 26
  • Iyo isn't afraid of Rintarou's Hidden weapon... oh it is an eel.

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