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Funny / Dragon Force (Sega)

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  • Gongos has the dubious honour of getting TWO credited to him:
    • Whenever Gongos is "recruited" into the Dragon Force, he reacts with over-the-top glee. In Wein's campaign, Wein himself wonders if Astea made a mistake choosing Gongos...
      • In Goldark's campaign, Gongos get this even worse when he gets captured. Scythe (with Gaul) will usually attempt to convince Goldark to execute the other monarchs on the spot, but Goldark will flatly refuse until only Wein is left. In Gongos' case, he lets off an impressive string of Angrish (several dialogue boxes long!) while Goldark stares on. Scythe then goes on to snark that this one is not even worth killing!
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    • In Gongos' own campaign, he defeats Teiris not in battle, but by pestering her for a date until she actually flees in exasperation. Teiris' expressions during the cutscenes are priceless.
  • Send Rudger to fight against any female general, and watch him hopelessly flirt with her in the pre battle dialog.

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