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  • When Goku decides to use Instant Transmission to reach King Kai.
    Trunks: That's kind of a stretch.
    Piccolo: I can't tell if he's a genius or if he's gone soft in the head.
  • After Goku barely manages to avoid falling through the clouds while traveling along Snake Way.
    Goku: "Note to self: do not go to hell."
  • When Vegeta arrives on Namek.
  • Jeice getting punched in the face.
  • Nappa's line when laying waste to a news crew.
  • This interaction between Recoome, Jeice, and Burter.
    Recoome: "Hey! Jeice! Burter! Do me a favor and let me take the little ones, too! Okay?! Please?! C'mon, you don't mind, do ya?!"
    Jeice: "Guess we're screwed."
    Burter: "Alright, go ahead, take 'em all, they're yours. But later, you're treating me and Jeice to hot chocolate sundaes, you got it?"
    Recoome: "AWESOME!"
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  • Hearing Nicktoons censors slip up
    Android 18: Okay, now I'm pissed!
  • After Cell announces the Cell Games on live-TV, Vegeta and Yamcha get into an argument ending with Bulma running inside to see Trunks.
    Bulma: Trunks! Oh, Trunks!
    (Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" look from Vegeta, Yamcha, Puar, and Krillin as they realize they're in her way.)
  • When Perfect Cell tells Trunks why he's hosting the Cell Games.
    Cell: You might say my only goal now is to enjoy myself. And, of course, I enjoy nothing more than the looks of perfect terror my power inspires on people's faces!
    (cut to Trunks' terrified face)
    Cell: That's it! That's the look! (laughs) So long, kid.
  • After Goku arrives on Earth in a Yardratian space pod.
    Goku: Vegeta always said there weren't any more saiyans left.
    Vegeta: Fool! What part of "our planet exploded" don't you understand!?
  • Goku's reaction when Trunks tells him who is his mother is priceless. He actually falls down to the ground when Trunks spills the beans.
    • In the English Dub, Trunks urging Goku not to tell either of them the truth of his identity it could possibly keep him from being born.
    Trunks: If things end up getting weird between the two of them, I might blip out of existence, because they won't have... well, they won't... you know!
  • Perfect Cell trolling Vegeta after having an arm vaporized:
    Cell: I can't be defeated! Not like this! NOT BY A SAIYAN!
    Vegeta: (laughs triumphantly)
    Cell: ...No, seriously. You truly are a fool. Have you forgotten that I share Piccolo's powers of regeneration? (regenerates) Well, look at that.
  • At the end of the Cell Games saga. Krillin is attempting to talk to Android 18, and already making a mess of it when Gohan interferes.
  • Vegeta is the world's worst houseguest, as Bulma came to learn after he returned to earth upon a stolen spaceship.
  • The build up to Hercule's battle with Cell. From Hercule karate chopping fourteen tiles of fifteen tiles to Cell's completely deadpan "You can not be serious", culminating with Hercule charging towards Cell, ready to attack. Cell stays where he is and pimpslaps Hercule out of the arena with a single attack.
    • The Z-Fighters' facial reaction to Hercule breaking fourteen tiles being treated as a big deal: A mass WTF 'uhhhhhhhhh... is he serious?'
  • Chi-Chi's reaction to seeing Goku and Gohan in Super Saiyan form:
  • Goku trying to make King Kai laugh in the sixth episode. King Kai's overdramatic reactions are hilarious.
    Goku: "I sold my car...for gas money!"
  • The fact that the Spoiler Opening for the Majin arc includes Kid Buu and Super Saiyan 3 Gokū biting each other during their fight.
  • A few bits from the English dub of "The Final Chapters" played in a Toonami promo, and included is fake Vegeta from the "reenactment" of the Cell Games saying, “his coolness is over 9,000!” in a suspiciously familiar voice.
  • After Gohan casually flies 20 feet into the air during a game of baseball, one of his dumbstruck opponents in the background says in a slightly whiny tone of voice:
    Random Kid: I want the guy who breaks the law of physics on my team...
  • The fact that the English dub version of the Ginyu Force's theme is just the words "Ginyu Force Rules!" over and over again. The full Japanese version is just as hilarious since its not only a roll call for the entire force but with each member trying to turn it into a Bragging Theme Tune about their individual powers and role in the team, as well as other pointless trivia like their habit of sharing parfaits, deciding things over a game of rock-paper-scissors or even how Captain Ginyu hates frogs. Hell, you'll probably start thinking this is their theme in-universe too.
  • When the earthlings refuse to give energy, Goku gets frustrated.

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