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  • During Loren's operation, a bunch of townsfolk gather to watch out of curiosity. Some of the seedier ones start betting money on whether he'll live or die, and Horace's overly dramatic descriptions of the surgery and there being blood everywhere as he peers into Dr. Mike's clinic and describes what's happening to the crowd make for a ton of Black Comedy. Jake also resolves to sit in on the operation firsthand to make sure Loren would be okay... then Dr. Mike gets to carving away at Loren and THUD!
    Horace: Jake done fainted!
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  • Sully and Matthew trying to teach Dr. Mike how to walk and act like a man so she can participate in a horse race.
    Sully: Stop swinging your hips.
    Michaela: I never swing my hips!
    Sully: Well, whatever you're doing, don't!
  • The women sitting around and chatting about how "agreeable" they find marriage. They're really admitting that they enjoy sex, a shocking attitude for women in that era. Myra tells Mike, "Just enjoy it as long as you can, because after a while, it just gets to be part of the daily routine. Like brushing your teeth." At this, the women all burst out laughing. It gets a Call-Back later in the episode as Mike prepares to seduce Sully:
    "How can anyone say this is like brushing your teeth?"
  • Myra's disturbing sleepwalking episodes. They happen out of nowhere and what she does baffles the entire town. She even walks right out of her own house and returns to Hank's saloon, making him think she's come back to him. And due to Loren's tall tales, a flabbergasted Horace is led to think her soul is gone. At one point, Myra springs up in bed and starts singing a ragtime song-and-dance number. Why is all this happening, you ask? Turns out she's pregnant!! Yes, kids! You, too, can have loony episodes at night when you have a child! Because pregnancy makes you crazy!
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  • Cross-dressing Jake Slicker. That is all.
  • When the Cheyenne run out of supplies, the Army sends them alcohol to drink. The tribe ends up getting all soused up on this "crazy water". Although it's not meant to be funny, it still is. One of the Cheyenne has been corrupted by white man's culture and can now speak English and has an alcohol addiction. When Sully and Cloud Dancing try to obtain more supplies, he has this to say:
    Yeah, and have them get us more craAAAaaAzy WWAATER.
  • During Mike and Sully's wedding, Custer invites himself as he's currently hunting Cloud Dancing, and expects him to turn up there as he's due to be Sully's best man. Jake and Robert E. decide that one of the benches needs to be moved...and bash Custer over the head in the process to get him out of the way. Then, he wakes up in Dr. Mike's clinic, heavily restrained. Even funnier, Custer never shows up in the series again after this. Guess he learned his lesson well.
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  • Sully beginning to undress Mike the second they're alone in their honeymoon suite and her squealing, "It isn't even dark yet!". He teases her by closing all the blinds and declaring, "It is now".
  • Preston having to go to Mike's clinic because of a very personal problem resulting in the awkward discovery that he has a kidney stone. Dr. Mike asks him to strip naked, and from there, things just keep getting sillier. He spends the entire episode agonizing to pass the stone, and when he finally does, it's heard all around town.
  • Hank getting the standard "It happens to every guy" speech after he complains to Loren, Jake, and the Reverend that he "lost the mood" the previous night - then having all of them vehemently deny ever doing so themselves.

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