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For almost every other page of DOUBLE K, there is a CMOF for someone. List yours:

  • Simon's desperate attempts to cling to his disguise. "S-sure I am! I love getting paid for sex acts!"
  • Kamina's Badass Boast speech in response to the Jiiha village chief demanding to know who the hell he is. "Holder of the entire police force's highest arrest record... wrongful or otherwise..."
    • "...And the only officer in the history of the department who's ever caused more collateral damage than our budget can cover..."
  • The sight of Kamina catching up to Shaku and the captured Simon while driving in a car full of whores.
    Hooker: Why did we agree to go with him!?
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  • "Are we driving or not, you... PUUUSSYYY?!"
  • "HAZING." (showy wink)
  • "Is this, like... a carny bar or something?"
  • "But it was totally not cookies."
  • Kamina's flashback concludes with him busting Gendo Ikari and Captain Nemo (using crossdressing Simon).
    But then, out of nowhere, there was this ringing noise coming from his jacket. Turned out to be one of those new fancy-ass portable phones. I mean, I knew these guys were high rollers, but damn.
  • Kittan's Manly Tears face after hearing Kamina's story.
  • Kittan's drunken confession. And the sheer amount of booze that he consumed.
  • Also, this exchange after Kamina and Kittan's uber-manly hug.
    Kamina: Dude did you seriously kick a lawyer in the face? That rules.
    Kittan: Right in his stupid face, man.
  • On almost every single page, you can find a hilarious facial expression of some sort.
  • Captain Osaka's ever snarky comments under the pages. Guaranteed to make you laugh at least once.
    • For example, when Simon takes his Level in Badass:
    W-what is happening
    could it be
    did he look deep within
    his PANTS
    HIS NADS?!?!
  • Simon's "Help me, bro! He totally kidnapped me while you were busy yelling at the whores!"
  • "B-but... But what about the criminals... We were supposed to catch all of the criminals..."
  • "Total dick move, it was hilarious."
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  • Bullet Time.
  • All of Page 105. Poor Simon misses his bro. Kamina handles the whole situation with his usual tact - which is to say, none whatsoever.
    Kamina: Turns out [Kittan]'s pretty much the raddest dude on Earth!!
  • Kamina grabbing the box of Spiral drills from Thymilph:
    Kamina: "Well slap my ass and call me Susan, what do we have here?? It-it almost looks like... like that evidence you said I didn't have! Man, what a twist, right!?"
    Kittan: "Hahahah oh damn he got you good, Magilla!'''
    • The almost constant gorilla-related name-calling used against Thymilph across the course of several pages.
  • Kamina insists on keeping up the smack-talk. Even whilst face-planted on the floor of a filthy bar, booze creeping up inside him and his brain still rattling around.
  • Page 130's last panel.
  • You party, right now
  • The Alt Text for Chapter 2, page 29, in relation to Kamina telling Simon that he uses his badge "for scaring the bejesus out your neighbours when they're being too loud...", which reads "YOU PLAY THAT DAMN CULTURE CLUB RECORD AT ANY VOLUME OTHER THAN "MUTE" AGAIN AND I'M TAKING YOU RIGHT TO FUCKING JAIL."


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