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Funny / Double Dare (1976)

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  • December 24, 1976: A clue for "toilet" (also marking an extremely rare instance of a subject being guessed on the very first clue): Before using it, members of the French Resistance during World War II would announce "I'm going to telephone Hitler".
  • January 21, 1977: Champion Ray Winston and challenger Lyn Klein have a series of hillarious incorrect guesses on the subject of "baldness", the most notable being when Lyn was shown the clue A psychiatrist, Thomas Szasz of the University of Chicago, announced that laughter can cause it and responded "Hemorrhoids", which generated a 15-second laugh from the audience, and even more after Alex quipped "A song title just came to me: 'I'll Never Smile Again'!".
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  • April 28-29, 1977: The final two episodes contained rather racy clues for "pipe" (the smoking variety) and "boomerang" most especially, such as "In the film Walkabout, the lead male straps one against his thigh with his loincloth" and "To use one properly, grip it firmly with three fingers at the curve near the tip." These clues only manage to sound funnier when one hears and sees Alex Trebek read them so seriously.