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Issue 1
  • The fact that the prisoner Rorschach II scares into remaining in his cell looks like Dan Didio.
  • The Mime is taken to his locker so he can collect his weapons. When he, his wife, and Rorschach II open it up, it's empty, Rorschach II assuming the guards cleaned it out before the rioting happened. Then the Mime begins reclaiming imaginary guns and equipment.
    Rorschach II: You have big problems.
  • This exchange between Marionette, Ozymandias, and Rorschach II after the Internal Reveal of Ozymandias' brain cancer.
    Marionette: What's wrong with him?
    Rorschach II: He's an asshole.
    Ozymandias: Yes.
  • Nuclear war is about to begin.
    Man in the street: I told her not to vote for Redford!

Issue 2

  • Marionette only has one response for Doctor Manhattan:
    Marionette: ...Wow. Nice briefs
  • Lex Luthor sums up how Veidt's "brilliant" plan to unite humanity failed, then gets in an epic burn.note 
    Luthor: If you're the smartest man on your planet, I'd hate to meet the dumbest.
  • The last words of issue 2
    Batman: You ate my breakfast.
    Rorschach: Yeah. I did.
  • Rorschach's mask forming a smiley face when he sees Batman's breakfast is pancakes. Even funnier is that the black patches on his eyes look like hearts.
  • In the flashback, Marionette cuts off part of the bank manager's finger in response to his dickish behavior, only for it to turn out that the vault has a hand reader. And the hand he uses is the one she just sliced a bit off of.
    Marionette: Shit. Did anyone see where his finger went?

Issue 3

  • Ozymandias and the Comedian's rematch ends the only way it could've: through the window.
  • Batman is given Kovacs' journal and starts reading it. After a few panels of Batman's odd reactions, Rorschach asks how far Batman's gotten. His response? "Page four. It's been a long day."
    • At one point (and only that one point), Batman's eyes widen in shock while reading. One has to wonder which part of Watchmen had just weirded him out.
  • Rorschach isn't too keen on Batman locking him up in Arkham Asylum.
    Rorschach: NO NO NO NO! KILL YOU FOR THIS! CUT OUT YOUR EYES! ...Wait. Apologize... open door.

Issue 4

  • Reggie admits that he's so socially awkward that he's also bad with girls. One scene exemplifies by showing Reggie trying to study... while his friend is trying to have sex on the bed right next to him.

Issue 5

  • When Lois yells at Clark over Perry's decision to use the term "Metahuman", she asks if they could make someone else Jon's godfather. Clark can only utter "Ten years too late, dear."
  • Apparently, Reggie had a crush on Laurie Juspeczyk.

Issue 6

  • The Joker asks Mime and Marionette if Harley sent them to try to assassinate him.
  • The Comedian catches up to Mime and Marionette, but while he's tough-talking them, he gets tazed from behind and drops like a stone. Cut to the Joker standing behind the Comedian with a joy buzzer, doing an imitation of his stunned reaction.
  • At the end, the Joker steals the Comedian's smiley button.

Issue 7

  • Saturn Girl's reaction to news coverage of the metahuman arms race causing a chaotic breakdown in world relations.
    Saturn Girl: Everything's going to be fine.
  • This issue is just a deluge of snark:
    Saturn Girl: My name is Imra Ardeen, but I've been designated Saturn Girl. I'm a telepath. From the 30th Century.
    Rorschach II: Nn... Didn't mention that last part when we met.
    Ozymandias: Where did you find her?
    Rorschach II: ...Arkham Asylum.
    Ozymandias: Of course you did.
    Saturn Girl: Superman's why I serve as an intergalactic representative of a Legion of Super-Heroes, sent here to cleanse the time stream of an unknown anomaly that threatens him.
    Rorschach II: Reconsidering my suggestion of bringing them with us.
    Ozymandias: I would imagine.
  • Mime warning Batman is coming by using his index fingers for the Bat-ears.
  • Joker's reaction to Dr. Manhattan?
    The Joker: Whoever you are, put some clothes on, for God's sake! Or at least for mine!

Issue 9

  • The Shazam Family are part of the alliance against Dr Manhattan. Since they're all kids, the sight of a naked man grosses them out. Mary has to tell Darla to cover her eyes.
  • Definitely funny to read Guy Gardner actually swearing in a mainstream comic appearance. Also, there's this battle cry:
    Guy: Let's put some underwear on this guy!

Issue 11

  • How do we know for sure that Reggie is in a Heroic BSoD? He angrily rejects Alfred's pancakes.
  • Mime using an invisible rope-and pulley to drop the Comedian on some of Joker's goons.

Issue 12

  • Lex Luthor confronts the Comedian:
    Lex Luthor: I don't use that language often myself, but it's appropriate. You goddamn asshole.
    • Luthor's Vibrational Emitter sends Blake at the same point from where was transported to the DC Universe, with Doctor Manhattan having this to say:
      Doctor Manhattan: "It's October 11th. 1985. Glass shatters."
    • As Manhattan peers into the future he sees a 'Secret Crisis' where Superman goes toe-to-toe with Thor and a mysterious 'green goliath'
  • Doctor Manhattan wiping out all nuclear weapons in the Watchmen world feels like a Take That! to Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Jon decided that he wasn't going to wait for the world governments to want peace.

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