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Funny / Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

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  • The montage of Chloe shooting up from bed mid-intercourse having just realized, in order, what Lost was really about, that aioli is just mayonnaise, and where she left her shoes.
    • At the end of the same episode she has an epiphany in the same mold when she realizes how to find Charles' escaped parrot.
  • Chloe walking in while June's in the tub, playing her lady harp: June is mortified, but Chloe just beams like a proud parent.
  • While Chloe is off at the U.N. making her share of the year's rent, June decides to spring clean the apartment. Every time she reaches down for a cleaning implement, she finds herself picking up one of Chloe's vibrators.
    • Earlier in the same episode, she asks Chloe to pick up some "cleaning supplies," only to discover that Chloe, misunderstanding the instructions, has bought her an entire shelf of vaginal douches.
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  • The entire mystery of Monday June, who apparently gives amazing, life-altering suggestions that makes everything she touches magic...only we never get context for any of it.
  • June, liquored up and pretending to be paralyzed, flying off at Chloe's family Thanksgiving.
    June: I'm Sacagawea! I'm on a coin! I'm money, bitch!
    Chloe: Are you drunk?!
    June: I have a cup holder!
  • James' Guy Ritchie movie is much funnier than any actual Guy Ritchie movie.
  • Chloe's yearly date with Lenny Kravitz.
  • The Thanksgiving episode is a masterclass in cringe humor.
  • Just about everything involving June's hot hot jam, but especially the tag involving Eli, a bathtub, sexy music, and a phone call with his grandmother.
  • The last few seconds of this trailer.

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