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  • Dolph's commentary back when WWE NXT had a season format.
  • Dolph once crawled under a ladder, and has had bad luck ever since.
  • Dolph's Twitter is a riot - especially his exchanges with AJ Lee and Big E Langston between broadcasts.
  • Dolph's comebacks for everything AJ did when she was destroying his belongings; Her having his house keys? Already changed the locks due to him having past experience from that. Destroying his drivers license? Being at the DMV was a picnic compared to doing anything with her - including having an actual picnic. Destroying his Passport? Well, he had showed a girl at the passport agency something involving her leg that was definitely not PG, so she kind of owed him a favour in getting a Passport a lot quicker. Destroying his cash? That's just wasteful in this economy, and he has some money in his pocket... And he's not even wearing anything with pockets. Destroying his credit cards? It's cool, he doesn't need them & he can live off the grid.
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  • His "Ziggy" bit on the JBL and Renee Show, in which he parodies Louis CK's TV show Louie.
  • This "autograph" from Dolph Ziggler.
  • "In love yet?"
  • During the WWE Countdown, they were talking about a "Crybaby Match" note . Dolph's reaction? "What the f (beep) is a Crybaby Match?!"
  • In his 2016 feud with newcomer Baron Corbin, who won a match against Ziggler in an Extreme Rules match with a cheap-but-legal nutshot, he dared Corbin to wrestle in a "technical wrestling match." Ziggler spent the better part of two weeks hyping the match, including highlighting his Kent State roots and coming into the match with a college wrestling style headgear, for this.
    Dolph Ziggler: Dolph Ziggler has been disqualified. The loser of this match is still Baron Corbin. [mic drop]

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