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Funny / Doctor Who Magazine 456-461 "Hunters of the Burning Stone"

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  • After being rescued, Ian is less than convinced the young man standing before him could be the Doctor. For his part, the Doctor isn't in an altogether good mood for not being recognised.
    The Doctor: Oh, thank you, Ian blinking Chesterton, still stubborn as a mule, still denying the truth even when it's dancing the rumba on the top of his thick skull!
    Ian: The real Doctor's insults were far more articulate than that!
    The Doctor: Give me a minute, I'll find my Thesaurus!
    • As Barbara breaks up the fight, she can't help but note the whole situation feels very familiar.
  • As The Doctor and Ian confront the Prometheans, The Doctor starts going into a speech...only for Lynk to interrupt him mid-sentence by swooping in for a poorly timed Big Damn Heroes moment.
    The Doctor: (as a pair of grapplers catch him and pull him to safety) WAIT I WASN'T FINISHHHED!!!
  • Later, when The Doctor tells Ian about how it was his positive influence that convinced him to take on more human companions during his adventures.
    The Doctor: After you left, I began taking other human companions with me.
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  • At Ian and Barbara's wedding party Ian can be seen in the background, doing his famous "one hand in the air" dance.