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  • One of the events in chapter 2 has Zidane attempting to flirt with the female party members. He tries to impress Tifa with boasts about his talents as an actor which quickly gets her to scold him about remembering the gravity of their mission. He tries again later with Rem only to give up when she mentions someone back home she wishes to protect. Finally he approaches Y'shtola, pauses and stops without even trying, much to her confusion.
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  • Yuffie's recruitment cutscene. It opens with everyone threatening her while Vivi tries to simply ask her politely to return the things she stole from him and it ends with everyone walking off before she gets a chance to make a bigger, more dramatic deal out of her joining the party, much to her annoyance.
  • From when Shadow meets up with the party.
    Shadow: Friends? My allegiance belongs only to those willing to match my price.
    Yuffie: Willing to match your price? I like the sound of that! Haha! This guy's just like me!
    Edge: Good lord, Yuffie - Don't insult him.
  • Yang talking about his wife:
    Yang: [with a heart bubble over his head] She is kind, brave, a wonderful cook—she even hits me with the frying pan when I need the motivation.
    Steiner: She sounds quite pleasant.
  • When the older men gather to have a chat amongst themselves, Galuf starts asking personal questions and tells Shadow that he was mumbling about a daughter and a dead partner in his sleep. When Sazh tries to turn the inquiries on Galuf, this happens:
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  • When Eiko and Bartz talk about the high moogle population in their worlds, Terra is shocked and envious at the prospect of a whole village of moogles and then ruefully wishes she had some kupo nuts.
  • Steiner's horror that he failed to realize just how many lowlifes and brigands he's surrounded by after he attempts to bar Faris from joining.
  • This exchange upon the revelation that Faris isn't a "fella" after all:
    Tifa: Bartz, why didn't you say anything?!
    Bartz: I didn't know I was supposed to?
    • What also made it funny is that Zidane despite no one telling him up front, was Mistaken for Gay from behind the scenes.
    Cloud: Maybe he changed sides.
    • Even (hilariously) worse at Cloud's own expense; his moment of Incredibly Conspicuous Drag from his home game was referenced. Sazh way later on as a nod to Bartz's motivational comment of "no more secrets from each other, okay?" takes the cake:
    Sazh: I don't think I can take anymore secrets from this group....
  • After his body is taken over by a ghost, Sabin shrugs it off by saying "I got a little possessed, no big deal!"
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  • Terra and Penelo both note that Yang and Sabin were both possessed initially and wonder if martial artists are particularly easy to manipulate. Then they turn to stare at Yda.
    Yda: [dismayed] ...Why are you looking at me?
  • When Firion is surprised that Krile was able to dispel her fears just by imagining her favorite animalnote  Galuf laughs and says that Firion needs to take a lesson from her.
    "She's far your junior, but has twice your pluck!"
  • While Steiner and Yuna commend Krile for her courage, Bartz is just exasperated that she jumped into a Negative Space Wedgie without even thinking.
  • Penelo suggests that Ashe join the party. Ashe takes one look at Vaan, Yuffie, and Laguna goofing off and keeps going on her own.
  • Steiner is arguing with Zidane, as usual, when they both notice Edge going over to flirt with Garnet and immediately put their differences aside to stop him.
  • Celes’s recruitment begins with her nearly attacking Setzer, mistaking him for a manikin. Once the confusion is cleared up, the party members recall their first encounters with manikins and reacting much the same way. Except for Bartz, who proudly states he wasn’t fooled because, “he’d never seen the real Galuf sparkle like that.”
    Galuf: Good grief. You choose the oddest things to be astute about...
  • In Quistis' event, Quistis is poking fun at Squall as usual, completing his sentences for him before he gets a chance to say them to make a point that she knows him so well. Y'shtola then proceeds to do the same thing to him, and she and Quistis quickly strike up a friendship as a result as Squall walks off, annoyed.
  • Ramza is shocked to learn that Edge and Edgar are royalty, expressing that it is unthinkable for them to travel among commoners like the rest of them - and furthermore flirting with Vanille. Edge and Edgar both tell him that their titles are meaningless, which Ramza has difficulty shaking off.
    Balthier: We have here a skirt-chasing king and a profligate prince. ...They're whom you would hold in esteem?
    Vanille: Yeah, you won't see me paying them any mind.
  • The extreme degree of Soundtrack Dissonance during the battles for Layle's recruitment. The fights take place inside a creepy mansion with thunder and lightning outside. The music chosen is Catch and Throw which sounds like it would play during a hoedown.
  • When Irvine says that his and Squall's world has both a spaceship and a space station, Cid pelts them with questions and announces that he's going to go there after they finish closing the Torsions.
    Cid: When we're done here, I'm going back to these guys' world! Don't try to stop me!
    Cloud: No one's stopping you...
    • In the same event, while probably not intended to be funny, Vincent of all people recognizes Cid from his butt while he's bent over scavenging for materials.
    Vincent: Now there's a backside I recognize.
  • Once per Episode, Mog and the party need to explain the Torsions and being in a different world to the newest playable character. By Zack's event, Mog has this to say:
    Mog: You see, this world is yada yada kupo kupo...
  • Selphie's attempts to get "Booyaka" to catch on in her world finally pay off in this one, much to Lightning and Serah's confusion. The sisters converse and reflect on all the people they've seen saying it the past few days, wondering where the hell it came from and what it means. However, when Selphie explains it to them, Serah starts to grow fond of it, while Lightning starts to get exasperated to her own sister falling into the newfound habit.
    Lightning: Serah, not you too!
  • Garland asks about the contact that Vayne has made on Materia's side... but he phrases it as "You are intimate with a warrior of Materia?"
    Vayne: ...We are exchanging information. I would you choose your words more carefully.
    • Even funnier when you take into account that Garland is referring to Cait Sith.
  • In Aerith's Lost Chapter, Laguna approaches Aerith and asks her if he's an Ancient too. When she asks why, he explains that he hears voices of the "fairies" back at home, but they say things quite different from what the Planet says to Aerith.
  • In Celes' Lost Chapter, Shantotto admonishes Edgar for his flirtatious comment toward Celes, but when Celes casually brushes him off and Sabin laughs about it Cecil just explains that they can all laugh together because they are comrades. Later, Shantotto tries to make a joke about experimenting on Celes and Terra for their artificial vs natural magic abilities, but it falls hilariously flat when the others note that they're not sure if she's joking or not.
  • Arc 2, Chapter 1, when Hope recovers his memories from being an adult:
    Hope: I don't believe I'm quite [Cyan's] age... but maybe around Edgar's.
    Tidus: Uh-oh, I should be more polite when I talk to you now, huh?
    Vivi: Hmm, so that means... You're really old.
    Hope: Old?! I... I don't think I'm THAT old.
    Edgar: Grownups are all ancient in a child's eyes.
    Hope: Oof... that one hurt, though...
  • The in universe explanation for Squall's conspicuous absence in the chapter where Seifer's posse are the Arc Villains: he just wasn't interested in talking to him.
    Seifer: You've been here the whole time, and you couldn't be bothered to say hello?!
  • In Palom's Lost Chapter, Vivi and Palom are training together while Palom prepares Vivi for an exhibition of his newfound powers in front of the others. Ashe, Ramza, and Cait Sith are all gathered together, confused as to why, when Vivi and Palom reveal the reason: Vivi is going to show off his new magic and defeat a monster by himself. A monster arrives just in time and Vivi turns around to confront it... only to come face to face with an enormous red dragon that he absolutely cannot defeat by himself.
  • In Balthier's Lost Chapter, Yuffie questions Balthier about his partner and wants a partner for herself. When he declines to describe her, the party turns to Vaan, who says she is magical and has long ears, kind of like Y'shtola. Overhearing them, Y'shtola herself walks over just as Vaan muses over the fact that he never did learn Fran's age, and wonders how old Y'shtola is as well. The scene ends much like the similar scene did in his home game, with Balthier and even Yuffie telling him off for being a kid and Y'shtola walking away, annoyed. To top it off, Bartz wonders afterward how old Y'shtola is, too.
  • Setzer, Balthier, and Vaan are all fighting about who will be the new airship's pilot when they evidently elect to have a dice toss decide it - when Setzer turns out to be the winner, Balthier sneaks to the pilot's seat anyway.
  • In Quistis Lost Chapter, Quistis teaches Eiko, Vivi, Bartz, Sabin and Prishe. But it goes quite bad because they gave out wrong answers and when Eiko asked Vivi to tell them off, they found out that he was sleeping the entire time. Quistis is left depressed that she's a failure as a teacher.
  • Lenna's lost chapter has Faris and Lightning both display a staggering amount of Hypocritical Humor as they commiserate over having sisters who are reckless and jump headfirst into danger.
    Serah: Hey! Pot, kettle!
  • Arc 2, Chapter 2 is full of very serious and sober conversations between and about Cecil and Golbez, with Golbez openly stating he wants to die by Cecil's hand, Cecil's refusal but also his ambivalence on whether he wants a relationship with the man who caused so much suffering, and everyone else with brother issues musing over the situation. And then Krile and Papalymo actually tease Cecil that he and Golbez are really alike after all—because they're both blaming themselves for everything!
  • Rinoa manages to completely defuse Onion Knight's crankiness by being cheerful and complimenting him, making him stammer awkwardly. Ace chips in that it's rare to see him be agreeable.

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