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Episode 1

  • Messemon uploads embarrassing pics/stories of everyone on the internet including Haru wetting the bed until he was 4 and an unrevealed embarrassing pic of the Afro guy who in response yells "Noooooo!"

Episode 2

  • Gatchmon changes Haru's alarm sound to "Gatchi! Gatchi! Gatchi!", later his ringtone as well.
  • Navimon gives fake directions to everyone. A girl is then shown spinning in circles. The Afro guy in a desert trying to find his favourite restaurant.
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  • Cameramon's intro and his sensitivity about the pronunciation of his name.
    Gatchmon: Who are you!?
    Cameramon: Cameramon!
    Haru: Caameramon?
    Cameramon: It's not Caameramon… CAMERA ...mon
    Haru: Caamera…
    Cameramon: CA!
    Haru: Cameramon.
    Cameramon: Correct.

Episode 3

  • Gatchmon and Navimon arguing who's better. Navimon says Gatchmon can only do searches, and Gatchmon points our Navimon can only search addresses.
  • Roleplaymon is messing with optional devices and the Afro guy can't find the tomato juice option at a vending machine.

Episode 6

  • Gomimon is erasing the information stored people's devices such as contacts, pictures, and files. Cue the afro guy losing the pictures stored on his phone.
    "No! My precious memories!"

Episode 10

  • The heroes spent an entire commercial changing back from their swimwear to their casual clothes.

Episode 11

  • While on Sakusimon's board game, Musimon taking damage from various attacks also takes a pie to the face. He's speechless.

Episode 12

Episode 13

  • Ai is praying that Christmas can be saved so others can be happy. Gatchmon appears to assure her she can leave it to him to save the day. Her response is priceless.
    "Holy Spirit-san?"

Episode 16

Episode 17

  • The Mon of the week plasters Eri's face onto various things, even going as far to being posted on soccer players.
    • The best part: all these antics actually helped make Eri more popular.

Episode 21

  • After getting the last seven codes Appmon, Dennemon starts coughing from his last announcement.

Episode 24

  • Dantemon's providing his own theme music, made better by the Appli Drivers' confused reaction to it.

Episode 31

Episode 32

  • Offmon's Heroic BSoD is rather...egregious.
    • The AU fodder that were the Applidrivers attempts to get Shutmon out of his box were way over the top. And they all were actually rather tempting for Offmon! Too bad it wasn't enough.

Episode 33:

  • The extravagant introduction of Knight.
  • Unlike almost every other villainous Bishounen characters in anime, Knight actually seems to somewhat appreciate (or at very least doesn't mind) the attention he gets from the women, rather than faking it JUST for the sake of PR.
  • His secretary's rather scenery-chewing introduction of the Ultimate 4. The way she takes of her glasses solely for that occasion only makes it all the funnier.
  • "Boo-".
  • When going to the Deep Web again, Hackmon and Rei greet the stone Dantemon and give him a rather large pack of Rei's favorite energy gel and some shoulder pads for his 'stiff muscles'
  • Gatchmon offers Hackmon some of his Gatchi Sweets. But due to Rei rushing to leave, he assumes that Hackmon won't take it and pulls back the sweets and eats them himself in seconds. Cue to a visibly annoyed Hackmon.

Episode 37,

Episode 38

  • The flashback of the death of Shinkai Den'emon in episode 38 is somewhere deep in the margins where the difference between Black Comedy and Gallows Humour becomes blurred.
  • How Haru landed on the signboard. Eri and Astra's impressed clapping really nailed it.

Episode 39

Episode 42

  • Rei is forced to wear a mouse mascot suit and perform...
    • Here's the video:
    • It's even more hilarious that Hackmon informs Rei about it with utmost seriousness and Rei bluntly questions him how he even knows of the dance in the first place.

Episode 44

  • Damedamon's powers did not revert affect Ultimates from 3D to 2D like Coachmon's Art Shift—they were reduced to scribbles.
    • Shutmon reverting back to Offmon's personality.

Episode 46

  • There's a temple called Alcatra, which name is intentionally to draw comparisons to the American prison of similar name.

Episode 49

  • Eri explains & taunts Deusmon about Poseidomon's ability when he uses it to defend against Deusmon's attack. And she somehow managed to climb a gigantic pillar to reach there and proudly proclaim it meters above Rei and Astra in a short amount of time. She's also loud enough to the point they can still hear her. Rei's reaction sums it all:
    Eri: Your attacks have no effect on us!
    Rei: Why are you showing off about it?

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