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  • Readers have agreed that Crane Digging Himself Deeper on the matter of calligraphy is one of the funniest things (if not the funniest) in the "Different Lesson" 'verse. (Just substitute "sex" for "calligraphy" in the following sentiments...)
    "I'll have you know calligraphy is very relaxing. I do it every night before I go to bed—sometimes when I get up in the morning, too."
    "Look, I know you guys think it's some silly, girly pastime, but calligraphy has a long and glorious tradition dating back to the start of the empire."
    "This is jealousy, pure and simple. I don't blame you either. I've learned everything I know about calligraphy from Mei Ling."
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  • The evil prank Viper and Mei Ling play on Tai Lung, telling him what inn Tigress is staying at in the days before the wedding, but giving him the wrong room number, is pretty good too, since it leads to a case of Mistaken Identity, Accidental Kiss, and getting chased out (with a thrown shoe, no less) for seemingly being a Covert Pervert.

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