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  • Vandal Savage in issue 2. From declaring that a bunch of dragons bursting in is excellent since he hasn't eaten one in centuries to beating one dragon to death with another while shouting "Die, tasty rare creatures!" he's won a lot of people over.
    • Vandal is basically a walking CMOF combined with a walking CMOA in the form of a psychotic Boisterous Bruiser. Everything he says and does is pure gold.
    • "Unacceptable ! I will not die so a woman with no face can gain different genitalia!"
    • When in hell, Savage's torture? To be poked by sharp sticks by the children he's never cared for, until he's forced to sign a document acknowledging his crimes. Eventually, he reads the document.
      Savage: Oh. the mammoths. They were such noble creatures. Was I really the cause of their extinction? I suppose it wasn't their fault that they were so tasty. The Sacking of Rome! Oh. That takes me back... I have never drunk so much wine. But, my dear, it would have been wasted on the Visigoths.
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  • The Running Gag of everything knowing Sir Ystin's perceived true gender.


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